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Happy heart rate

Before my P.A. diagnosis, even a very gentle walk would send my heart rate soaring up to 180 beats per minute, averaging about 130. Gradually over the months, since starting the jabs, this has been steadily dropping. Today, I've just been for an hour's brisk walk, including up steps and steep hills and it averaged 95, only peaking at 111. What a difference! Instead of ambling slowly and being too out of breath to talk, I can now walk briskly enough to keep warm and still hold a conversation. Happy days :)

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Great news topazrat...just several brisk walks away from the London marathon then 👍


Running a marathon is not my idea of fun, even if my body was willing! But a nice 26 mile walk would be ok (stopping at the odd country pub or three for sustenance on the way, of course) :)


Perfect 👍


I had bad postural tachycardia at the beginning of my symptoms worsening. I'd noticed it for a few months but it got much worse the day I started to exercise in an attempt to get fit. I did far too much and ended up in bed for two weeks and in hospital by ambulance. The cardiologist said I had physiological cause but I'd not had any b12 tests at that point.

I've had a low resting heart rate for years despite being unfit and fatigued. They thought it might be POTS but I passed the tilt table test.

I'm of the impression that b12 is well and truly in there somewhere. Quite possibly effecting the nerves in there somehow or causing changes in blood that confuse receptors involving heart regulation.

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I've seen a cardiologist for the tachycardia, and he was a bit flummoxed as to what was causing it, so has asked an 'electrician' to look at my ECG. I asked if it was B12 related but he didn't know. But, as it's getting better since starting jabs, I'm sure that it has something to do with it.

The last ECG was before starting treatment and I have another one due in about April/May, so it will be interesting to see if it has improved, as the B12 will be the only difference since the last one.

So like you, I'm sure that the B12 is a factor.

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