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Low normal blood pressure now raised

Booksellercate wrote about 7 months ago on this subject and I too am wondering if anyone got any further with this.

My blood pressure when deficient in B12 at 146 and folate at 5.6 was typically always around 106/60. This was assessed over many days.

Treatment with injections and oral B12 did not impact blood pressure one bit. B12 steadied at around 800 and folate dropped to around 3.1.

Whilst at these levels I went for a colonoscopy to asses for Crohns (negative) and my blood pressure was as before, low end of normal.

10 days later B12 rose to 1150 and folate rose to around 8.6. Several days later I felt light headed and thinking my blood pressure had dropped, I tested it only to find it was around 139/93. It has stayed consistently at this elevated level for 3 weeks now. I am 47.

No sign of a virus and stress levels are probably lower than ever. Potassium levels have always been mid range.

I am not diabetic but it looks as though I have SIBO, although this is yet to be confirmed.

I have never exhibited clear signs of megaloblastic anaemia thought to be because folate was also lower end of normal.

Has anyone any thoughts about what might be going on?

I have arranged a GP call for Wednesday afternoon. I see my gastroenterologist on the 31st after he returns from holiday.

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It might help to add, although I am not certain this is relevant that Glucose and Lactulose tests for SIBO triggered violent diarrhoea similar to colonoscopy prep 4.5 hours after taking in the sugar.


low folate will also cause megaloblastic anaemia - its having high folate levels that can mask.

Sorry - really can't help with the blood pressure. Blood pressure is a potential indicator but it can vary a lot during the day and due to other factors. It tends to get higher as you get older as well and can also be raised if you are fighting an infection


Thanks for taking the time to reply. BP rises slightly across the day but only a couple of points on the top and bottom.



I am only 33 and my bp is always around the 149/99 range, it was my GP looking for causes of this that he found on my blood test I had a b12 deficiency 127(249-990) GP didn't say if they are related, and yesterday it went up to 171/103 so the neurologist I saw is going to recommend to GP I go on beta blockers as it seems to be going a lot higher, no idea if this is due to b12 injections being started, but I have had bp problems for years especially during my pregnancies, the cause still remains a mystery. Sorry I'm not much help, make sure you make your gp aware and they keep an eye. All the best.

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I had read this in a few places especially related to women. I think this was part of my core concern, being the apparent opposite of expectations. I do find my heart racing now and can feel adrenaline, something I haven't experience for a good few years.

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Yes I think I asked about this last week, and when my bp is very high I even have slurred speech, probably the b12 deficiency and high bp problems may have started same time as I've read b12 takes years to deplete to such a low level. Am now looking for ways like acupuncture and meditation as well as the beta blockers, just looking at how to help my overall health now as I didn't want to be on so much medication in my 30's, but on the bright side things will get better.

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