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Weak Legs & extremely tired!!



For the past year or so I have been going back and forth to the doctors without much success of a diagnoses.

The reason I first attend the surgery was that I was extremely tired and drained all of the time.

They took bloods and noticed I had a low foliate levels and immediately put me on Folic acid for a few months. I went back to the surgery still not feeling any better and the took more blood and found out I had low Vitamin D levels. They put me on a cores of Vit D and suggested I amended my diet. I stuck to a healthy diet and try to drink 2- 3 liters of water a day (which i was already doing). They did mention at some point during my visits that they may send me to a specialist to see if i had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I went back to the GP after finishing the Vit D tablets still not feeling any better and noticed my legs were becoming even weak and heavy, constantly finding new bruises on my legs daily, feeling very tired and have pains running from my hips to my calf's.

They sent me for more blood tests to see if my blood could show why all my bruises were appearing and nothing has shown up and all my vitamin levels have gone back to normal.

I am now being referred for a MRI lumber scan and to the neurology department.

Has anyone else had any of this and no what it might be??

I am very concerned as i am only in my twenties and it effecting nearly every party of my life.

My father did pass away from MS and my mother has a neurological disease. From what I understand it is not hereditary however, i cant help but worry.

It is taken such a long time to find out what is going on and each day I am feeling worse.

Hopefully someone on here may have an idea on what may be going on or have similar experiences and have a suggestion on how to move things forward.

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Do you have your B12 serum test results?

Unfortunately serum B12 is a problematic test - it is an indirect measure of whether your cells have enough B12 to function properly. If used as a single measure it will miss 25% of people who are B12 deficient but will also catch 5% of people who aren't so evaluation of symptoms is important.

Unfortunately the symptoms you mention are far from being unique to B12 deficiency and the two other conditions you mention could also be involved.

I note that you posted a year ago and it was suggested then that you post results but this never seems to have happened

I'm not to sure. They advised me they were going to look closer in to my B vitamins and sent me for another blood test. I've been having blood test nearly every month and now they have come back all clear! I never get to see copies of my results. I'ts all very confusing and i'm not getting much from my GP as to suggestions of what they are looking for. Since the blood have come back all okay i think that is why they are now referring me to a neurologist and for a MRI.

I haven't asked my GP for any of the results as when i get in there i tell her everything that is going on and forget by the time she has given me more blood test forms and referral i'm not very good at all this. Better at helping other people with being push but for some reason not so brilliant when it comes to me. I have started to bring people with me to my appointments to help me push for more answers.

You should be able to get a receptionist to give you any blood results- might be a nominal charge but (by law i believe) you have a right to ask for physical copies. Always good to have as you can see what changes rather than just being told everything is ok.

Thank you i will call them and get the results./

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