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Blood test results

I recently got my b12 levels checked because I was experiencing symptoms of a decifiency. My B12 level is 390, which is considered to be normal but my folate level is below normal. My folate level is 6.2 and it should be greater than 7. My iron level are on the lower side of the normal. The range is 50> but mine is 54. Is it possible to have low folate with a normal B12 reading? And can low folate cause things like mood swings, tiredness, mental sluggishness, etc? Thanks.

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Low folate can cause anaemia, which will make you feel tired and sluggish.

Try taking 400 ug of folic acid (available from all good supermarkets, and many of the bad ones) a day. Plus, a change of diet to include more leafy green veg, beans and pulses would be a good idea.




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