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I've been self injecting for a year now. I also take folate, vit d, k2 and magnesium. My last ferretin results came back at 32 so want to supplement iron. I've been on natures tablets before but gave me stomach ache. Was thinking about trying liquid iron but can't seem to find one that doesn't contain additional vitamins. Any ideas/ recommendations? Thanks

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  • Personally Katys1981zzz I'm prescribed 1 Ferrous Fumarate 210mg along with 1 – Folic Acid 400μg every day for more years than I can remember as I've had P.A. for over 45 years.

  • clivealive is the Ferrous Fumarate personal to you, or should everyone with PA be supplementing iron? Do you get your iron checked regularly?

    I asked on another thread about 'co-factors' and was told it shouldn't be necessary to take anything else with the B12 by PA admin (not including folate).

  • I guess any doctor prescribed medication must be "personal" to the individual.

    In my case, having had two thirds of my stomach removed at the age of 17 due to a perforated peptic ulcer I was forever becoming iron anaemic despite being put on 3 month course of Ferrous Gluconate at the finish of which my levels fell again and again and again until I was referred to a haematologist in the 1970s who said I should be taking them permanently. It was a few years back that my then doctor changed my prescription to Ferrous Fumarate and I haven't the foggiest idea why - unless of course they're cheaper?

    I guess the gastric surgery back in 1959 which led to my P.A. also knocked out my ability to absorb iron but of course that won't necessarily apply to anyone or everyone else with P.A.

    I do have annual FBC and 3 monthly HbA1c tests for my type 2 diabetes and my Hgb is normally at the lower end of the range - hence perhaps the supplement.

  • Clivealive isn't 210mg of Iron a high dose ?

    Ormal recommendation is roughly 8-9mg daily.

    I took 'Genle Iron 20mg from Holland and Barret for 3 days and had the most awful stomach pains, constipation, wind pain etc (very bad!)

    Doesn't 210mg cause you any stomach problem, seems to be a very high dose.

  • Well I guess it's down to the fact that I had two thirds of my stomach removed 58 years ago that determined my need for continual high doses of ferrous fumarate supplement since the 1970s and no, I do not suffer any of the "normal" side effects but that is "personal" to me and may not be true for everyone.

    My Hgb used to go up and down like a yo-yo during and after taking the normal 3 month course of iron tablets, but after referral to the haematology department at Stoke Mandeville Hospital it was decided that I needed to be "on iron" continuously.

  • Spatone comes in sachets of iron rich water, nothing added. You put it in a glass of water or fruit juice. Gentle on the stomach.

  • Moltofer iron tablets easy on stomach better absorbed and no constipation!

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