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I have low iron as well as PA.

After 6 months of iron tablets prescribed by the doctor my iron has only gone up by 16. I'm now at the lowest part of normal range (20ugl). Doc said the normal range was between 20 and 250. And said to continue with the tablets.

But I'm so tired. I really don't want another 6+ more months of tablets just to go up a small amount.

So what I'm wondering is... are there any private iron transfusions I can talk to? I'd love to get my number to 100+ and see if this iron and b12 is what's causing my extreme fatigue.

Thanks ;)

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You can get iron injections, but they are painful.


Iron injections is not a good idea. Very bad for your brain a generally high risk of toxic result. If you are tired even when not exercising, iron is not the problem. If you want your iron levels to go up sefely better eat more green vegetables.


Have you been tested to see if you are losing iron from your gut or bladder?


You can have an iron infusion in hospital. I have had this done twice, organised by a gastroenterology consultant because of the gut problems I have had alongside low B12 and iron. Iron taken by mouth would constipate me. An infusion is really good for raising iron levels quickly but takes half a day in hospital.

The difficulty is that GPs can't refer you directly - you need to be referred by a consultant.


I'm not losing iron any more. I am slow to absorb it, suffer with IBS too.

I had a good year or longer of very bad bleeding from a fissure. Which was fixed in 2013. And being a woman, I have monthly cycles which won't help the situation either. I also don't eat much red or dark meat, and have a gastric band. But I do eat green vegetables like spinage and mange tout etc.


It looks like you are trying to get to the root of the problem Apalcaem of why you are not absorbing iron and, as you say you have a gastric band, do not eat much red meat, It looks like you already have. Have you been tested or treated for B12 deficiency?

If not, you will see from BCSH guidelines that all patients with anaemia should be tested for intrinsic factor antibodies and page 10 gives information on the prevalence of deficiency in high risk groups, e.g. gastric surgery, including gastric banding.



Yes, I receive b12 injections every 12 weeks. I'm looking at doing subcutaneous injections at home once a month inbetween.

my iron is at the lowest range of the normal range. And after 6 months of iron prescription tablets it's only went up 16 ugl. Making it now 20ugl.

I would love to get a iron transfusion as a one off to boost my levels then continue with the tablets if needed. But I guess I can't get one privately.

I'm so so tired all the time, and it's controlling my life. If I can get my iron, vit D, do late and b12 levels all good and I'm still tired then I can look at other possible reasons to this.


Personally, I find spirulina a really good source of easily absorbed nutrients, including iron, and don't have much faith in what GPs subscribe generally.

I do hope you find answers and feel better soon.

PS Meanwhile, supplementation with Vitamin C helps iron absorption. Floradix also another source.

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Don't eat the iron containing foods with dairy - leave time between them. I have a dairy allergy and had low iron levels until we found out. Now that I don't have an upset stomach and eat no dairy my levels are normal - supplementing didn't work for me.


Try ferritin and haem (heme) supplements.


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