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Blood test - what do I need to have checked please?

Hi everyone,

I've been diagnosed with PA since 1998, and have fought over the years to have injections more frequently than the usual 3-monthly interval. At last, I have managed to have it at 8-week interval! This came about being diagnosed as having osteoporosis and a risk factor increased as I had a hysterectomy at a young age. Also, diagnosed as Coeliac in 1998, as a result of which the osteoporosis is quite severe, although I am refusing the usual meds for this and opting for K2 and D3, plus other support. I also managed to get 'permission' by my surgery to have a homocysteine blood check once every 2 years (due to a familial line of Alzheimer's, so I am somewhat concerned to avoid this!). I have a form for the homocysteine blood test, but I'm tempted to do a sneaky 'tick' on other bloods, (I haven't had any bloods done for over 2 years now of any description, despite being coeliac and PA etc.). I think the MMA goes hand in hand with the homocysteine so think I will 'add' that in to the form. (I'll probably be banned from the surgery, but think I have little to lose as their help is so poor!). What would others recommend I 'tick' please? Folate? Be grateful for any help.

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Definitely Folate as this and B12 help your iron to make red blood cells and it is essential to keep the three "in balance".

The eight week frequency of injections is in line with the N.I.C.E guidelines.


Thank you clivealive! Will get on with my 'ticks' on the form and fingers crossed I get away with it!

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Thyroid? Maybe as you have other autoimmune disorders.

PS I have 'added' others before too, my surgery is quite a busy one so they have never noticed! The first time I chickened our but asked the nurse and she ticked it anyway.


Thanks greenbexy! Will tick that one too, really appreciate everyone taking time to respond.

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