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I can't get my gp practise to take my blood test results seriously or is there nothing to worry about

Advice please, I can't seem to get my gp to take me seriously. I am 61, I have some neurological symptoms and numbness in lower right leg diagnosed food intolerences and accompanying symptoms and diagnosed IBS. Plus my mother has diagnosed pernicious anaemia from age 70 and two of her sisters have PA My mother and her sisters are diagnosed with Alzhiemers. I suffer from Chronic fatigue dizzy and get the sighs My GP sent me to a neurologist, but not a hemotologist. I have been trying to get to the bottom off this for over a year. After my trip to the neurologist i was so scared I Have self injected I know this will skew further results but I was just going to take care of it myself BUT I am afraid of using B12 Bought on the internet. Now I have decide to go back to another gp in the practise and ask them to help me get it on prescription I am happy to self inject. What can i say to get them to take me seriously.

My blood tests show on Feb 2016

WBC 4.88 (4.00-11.00)

B12 324 (180-1100)

Folate 8.6 (3.0-13.0)

Ferritin 46 (20-200)

MCV 93.7 (77.0-95.00)

MCHC 323 (320-370)

MPV 6.4 (7.4-10.4)

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Hi 1776monkey I'm not a medically trained person but I would certainly mention to your "new GP" your family connection with P.A. as it can be "inherited".

I would also make a list of your neurological symptoms and ask for them to be treated in accordance with the N.I.C.E guidelines for B12 deficiency.


Click on the link above, then on "Scenario Management" and scroll down to "Treatment for B12 deficiency"

You will obviously have to "confess" to your having self injected with B12 which explains your high levels.

I wish you well


Clivealive, Thank you for the link. I will be more try and be more assertive this time. It is hard when the gp's are poorly informed and don't like it when the 'patient' is. I was going to explain the self injecting as I hope the doctor would rather help me than let me buy off the internet.


The only thing I can add is that if you obtain your B12 ampoules from a German online pharmacy , there is no need to worry . They are strictly controlled . I've obtained my Hydroxocobalamin from versandapo.de for the last 2 years . Excellent . In fact another member said those B12 ampoules are exactly the same as those used in her NHS surgery .

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Your B12 isn't that high if you have been self injecting, also your folate is quite low and also the ferritin. Maybe that explains why you may not be feeling so good. Co-factors are quite important when you are on B12 injections. Without them the healing won't take place. You need folate- level in upper part of range, Vitamin D should be optimal usually around 70-80 in the UK, iron- level should be around 70. Some people also need a B complex one with not too much B6 and also Vitamin K to help the absorption of the Vit D. I didn't know any of this information until a year ago. I found out a lot from this group and the group on Facebook. I was given the standard loading doses at my Drs then one every 3 months. I had neuro symptoms they still appear now and again but I have been SI weekly for almost a year. I buy B12 from Versandapo a german website.

My doc doesn't know that I self inject. I just go along every 12 weeks for my jab. It does take time to heal but you will get there.

Best of luck at the GP's x


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