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update - homocysteine and MMA results and C-reactive Protein levels

Afternoon all, on this glorious day.

Just a bit of an update from me. Saw my GP this week. Firstly we went through my Homocysteine and MMA results. both were in the normal range around the middle, however I queried why they would both be in the same part of the range, when one was taken 8 weeks after an injection and one was taken 5 days after an injection. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Secondly she asked if I had managed to find a B12 specialist, and I told her I hadn't but had found Dr Chandy from and that I had spoken with him and given him my results etc and he had said I would benefit from taking 5000mcg sublinguals every day.

I told her that I had bought some and had been taking them for around 45 days. To which she said she was glad I had found someone that I could speak to, and made a note of what I was taking.

She asked if they seemed to be working, and I told her that I had noticed some differences. For example, I am now doing between 1 and 1.5 hours of exercise 4 times a week now, something which even 6 months ago I would have majorly struggled to do. Still feeling a bit tired sometimes but pins and needles are a lot less, and I haven't had tinnitus in probably a month. So looking like it is on the up. I'm taking 400mcg of folate every other day too.

She has now requested to retest my c-reactive protein to see if it has gone down (been hovering between 20 and 35 for the past year and half, and should be below 10) and also to test some of the other vitamins like iron and vit d to check they are all okay.

Has anyone else had problems with c-reactive proteins being high?

Thanks :)

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Not me personally but funnily enough, just before I read this post of yours, I had looked at your first post here some months ago as I was looking for information on the C-reactive Protein (CRP) test.

Taka, one of the Administrators , actually gave you a link to the Labtestsonline UK website on the CRP test. That link went to the shorter 'At a glance' page but there is more information in the other links on that page - eg The Test, Common Questions, Related Pages.

The Test page gives some information on the results. High results continually tend to indicate some form of inflammation in the body that may need further investigation, as the CRP test is a very non-specific one that cannot indicate where or what the problem may be.

These links from the Related Pages page give a little more information

Elsewhere On The Web

Analyte Monographs alongside the National Laboratory Medicine Catalogue (AMALC): CRP

Patient UK

MEDLINEplus Medical Encyclopedia: C-reactive protein

National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society

Hope this helps.

PS - The Patient UK site has separate patient information and information for medics sections, with the latter more detailed etc. Here is a Medic page with more information


My daughter, who has pernicious anemia, has had an elevated CRP and SED rate for the past year. The doctor has not been able to identify what is causing the inflammation or where it is located. She has had a endoscopy and colonoscopy checking for celiacs or crohns but all biopsys came back normal. So we are still at a loss to understand.


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