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The most helpful blood tests- Are these the ones???

I have had PA and hypothyroidism for a number of years, also IBS for a couple of years and have recently had symptoms appearing since beginning of this year.

I want to know are these the most beneficial test to obtain before my 3-monthly jab at the end of this month. I want something in print to take to my Dr. and wonder if these will do it?

I notice that there is a test for ferritin and a different one shown as Iron - Can someone please explain the difference, and which would be the better one to get. I need to know whether I have other deficiencies.

This is called the advanced b12

Vitamin B12 - Active (Holotranscobalamin)

2.Normal B12 - Regular (Colobalamin)

3.Folate (Vitamin B9)


5.MCV (Mean Cell Volume)

but doesn't show my iron/ferritin levels.

I would appreciate it if someone could advise me on this

Many thanks, in advance!

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Please take a look through the pinned posts -

Testing after starting treatment is problematic as interpreting the results gets very difficult - the ranges with those specific to B12 are set for people who aren't receiving treatment and treatment seems to introduce a number of factors that mean ranges tend to be very different.

MMA is probably the test that would be most reliable in giving an indication as to what is happening with B12 at the cell level at the moment.

Serum B12 only useful if it comes back low indicating that you remove B12 quicker than normal from your blood. Personally I wouldn't bother with both active and serum - probably just go with the active - and outcome would be the same - only significant if coming out low.

folate could be useful as a drop in folate levels will affect bodies ability to process B12.


Thank you, Gambit62


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