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Advise please on B12 result

Hello, I posted my medicheck results on the Thyroid forum earlier- I am hypothyroid and am on Levothyroxine. Members there advised me re thyroid results and suggested I ask here about my B12 result which was 230 (range 140-724) I have symptoms of tingling hands, fatigue, tinnitus, dizziness and wobbly legs.

Other results are:

Folate (serum) 7.36 (3.89-26)

Ferritin 68.47 (13-150)

Vitamin D 71.29 (50-200)

Thank you in advance for any advise

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Its difficult to evaluate the situation properly as serum B12 is not useful as a definitive marker because people vary so much in how B12 in serum relates to the amount available for use in their cells. using the normal range in isolation will miss 25% of people who are deficient but will also pick up 5% who aren't.

did you have a full blood count done? B12 deficiency can cause macrocytic anaemia in which the red blood cells are larger and rounder than normal. However, absence doesn't rule out B12 deficiency either as about 25% of people presenting with symptoms don't have any signs of macrocytic anaemia.

This really leaves symptoms and the problem there is that they could also relate to thyroid so is your thyroid well controlled at the moment? If it isn't then sort that out and come back to B12 if sorting out the thyroid doesn't sort that out.

There are some other tests that can be used as markers - namely MMA and homocysteine which would be raised if there isn't enough B12 available in your cells.

Sorry I can't give you a definitive answer.

Best not to supplement if you think the problem could be B12 until you have exhausted all the possibilities of getting a formal diagnosis from your doctor.


Thank you Gambit62, I have an appointment with a consultant on Friday re my thyroid so will speak to him about B12 result. It is all so complex isn't it. Thank you again for your help.


unfortunately quite probable that consultant won't know much about B12 so do feel free to come back on the B12 - hope the appointment goes well though.


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