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Most recent blood test Results!

Most recent blood test Results!

So here we are my most recent Blood test results. After having my B12 injection just under and hour ago, I kindly asked the Nurse if I could have a print off with my most recent Bloods.

We was both scanning through my previous tests and it seems to be that my results are now more balanced.

I take note that these tests was done a few days after my injection.

I also have been taking centrum advanced multi vitamins for about two-three weeks.

Note- Website is very buggy 😒 had issues uploading and editing/text.

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Your Folate looks low and it would be good to ask your doctor to prescribe folic acid as this and B12 helps your iron to make red blood cells.


Hi Kenny

Good to see your results you might want to remove and cover your do birth but notice the folate is very low is it 2 can just see the image if so are you supplementing with folate daily as you will need to to help with the B12 process. Also assume you have been diagnosed with PA and they will continue injections.


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I have been on injections for more than a year now. I was not taking folate prior to the most recent blood test. I have also updated the picture.


Hi KDSeabourne. Your folate level is very low.

B12 and folate work together so if folate is low the body cannot utilise B12 properly.

And just wondering how your feeling - the symptoms of folate deficency can be quite like the symptoms of B12 deficency - can make you feel quote unwell 😖.

Usually, with a level that low, a GP would prescribe 5mg folate daily for three months, then re-test folate levels.

Once good levels have been reastablished, the usual maintenance of folic acid is 400mcg (or sometimes 800mcg) daily, although some people do not need to take additional folate at all.

Your GP could periodically test your folate levels to help determine what dose of folate you need (or perhaps don't need 😀) to maintain appropriate folate levels on an ongoing basis.

Note: over supplementation with folic acid can cause symptoms similar to the symptoms of B12 deficiency...and they can be very I know to my cost (I inadvertently over supplemented when first diagnosed 😖).

And it's quite difficult to distinguish between the symptoms of low folate and high folate (due to potential over supplementation 😖).

So...GP should help you to get this right 👍


GP only recommended 400mg? I bought multivitamins that have folate. And I've got additional folate too. I think all together about 800mg?


400mcg is a low dose where folate deficency is present. GP's usually prescribe 5mg daily for three months and then re-test.

Don't know what your GP was thinking of...might be worth re-visiting...see if you can get the 5mg dose u till your levels are raised sufficiently

Presume you mean 400mcg and 800mcg rather than mg, in your reply 😀😀. But still think that's too low....your folate level is really very very low 😖.

Good luck 👍

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Yes my folate is low 😒 it seems that GP's try and find other issues before fixing the simplest.

Yes I did mean 400mcg😂

But since those tests I have really changed my diet. 6-10 Weetabix a day, 2 liters of green top milk pref tesco. 2 Bannans,1 pear, 1 apricot, 1 apple. 100-500g of rice 😂 lots of carrots, cauilflower, brockley cabbage, 100-200g chicken. Try to eat more health. As all I used to have was takeaways 😐and drink two litres of coca cola a day😂

Also had plenty of exercise completing upto 60+miles a day on the bike!

I do alternate diets bit justchicken everyday🖒

As so my dietitian said I must changed my diets....


Very impressed with the diet changes...quite difficult to do so well done. Hope you reap the benefits very soon (if you haven't already 😀).

And 60 miles a day on a bike...not even in my wildest daydreams😖...beyond impressed 😀.

Forgot to say above, if you take 800mcg folic acid daily that will bring your levels up - eventually - it would obviously take quite a lot longer than if you asked your GP for the 5mg supplements.

Folate deficency can make you feel quite ill but if you're feeling well and have no symptoms of deficency, then the lower dose for longer may be all you need.

But if you have symptoms...

And yes, the website can be a bit 'buggy' at times - especially annoying when we bash out replies and they disappear rather than submit 😖🙃.

Good luck,with whatever you decide to do and post again if you need more help - lots of lovely folk here ready to pop along and help 👍


Hello Foggyme.

Thank you for replying, about the folate supplement would it harm me buying 5mg and taking those doses? I have been on much much higher doses especially when the previous doctor tried ruling out low b12 years ago.

I do feel more focused straight after an injection but I tend to sleep a good 12 hours even though if I get 4hours that's great🖒

Obviously with being b9 and b12 deficient for sometime I've noticed hairs gone thin and other things 😐

I no it sounds rude but I don't really have the time to be booking appointments with doctors and for them to tell me the same old story.. about the b12 and b6.. as I've basically been back and forth the doctors and hospitals for years.

Thanks Ken.


Hi Ken. 5mg folic acid from over the counter no problem - assuming they are not prescription only - not sure about that. Suggest taking for three months then re-test folate (over supplementing can cause side effects.

Also just noticed- would expect B12 to be higher when on injections (usually over 1000 or even much higher.

If you have any of the symptoms of B12 deficiency, might be that you need more frequent injections- though a bit difficult to tell as symptoms of folate deficiency are similar and you certainly have folate deficiency 😖.

Good luck 👍


Hi Foggyme.

I shall go buy some 5mg folate from the pharmacy,I have been begging the doctor for more frequent injections but they don't think I need more as I am "within range" 😐 which is a load of nonsense they kept bringing up saying that there's side effects blah blah blah, that injection prior to test was actually 6weeks I told the Nurse I was working shifts etc... seemed to work😂

Speaking to specialist about the condition they seem rather in depth? Saying about how I need not just folate and serum b12 to produce or use b12.. extremely complex stuff. I myself like learning alot of things but going on about chemical structures etc etc just bored me 🖒 all I wanted to know is can it be controlled and will I feel normal? They was saying about that you need folate to remove/destroy old dna cells which can cause megalobalastic anemia?

Obviously I've asked to see another specialist by my doctor and they said because im now on a sustainable treatment I won't be able to see a specialist... but referred all my previous symptoms back to specialists... which today I've just had a echocardiogram seems normal but waiting for the consultants response..

Sorry for the boring life story I just wish doctors was trained more in depth with SIMPLE diagnosis..of anemia's most of us would'nt be so Ill otherwise!

Thanks ken

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Hi Ken. Yes, both folate deficiency and B12 deficency can cause megoblastic anaemia. But...the fact remains that if you have symptoms which could be due to B12 deficency, then more frequent injections are required - thought the UK prescribing guidelines don't appear flexible enough to actually enable this (after loading doses and neurological regime - if needed - the only options seem to be eight weekly or three monthly. Ridiculous, since there are very few people who remain well on those regimes 😖.

One of the ways to tell if B12 deficency (rather than folate deficiency) is the problem is if any of your symptoms (even tiredness) return before the next injection is due...then improve once you've had an injection. If this happens to you then it's likely that more frequent injections may help.

You've perhaps spotted it in the forum...many here turn (or are forced to turn) to self injection with B12 when doctors refuse to prescribe the frequency of injections required to enable an individual to get and keep well. It's always an option for you if you run out of options with your GP and you think it will help you to get and keep well.

As for the potential side effects of B12...there may be some, but not everybody gets them. And the side effects of remaining B12 deficient are potentially far worse (at best, living a half life - on a good day).

If it's a route that you eventually decide to go down, people in the forum can advise about safe suppliers of injectable B12 and equipment for injection etc.

Take care Ken and post again if you need more help 👍

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