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Blood test results


Hi folks, haven't posted for a while but would like to pick the brains of my fellow members.

I get a monthly injection of hydroxocobalamin but don't really supplement otherwise.

I got the results of my blood tests today which were:

B12 598 not sure of the range tho used to be 180-900 I think

Follate 10.58 range 3.9 - 26.8

Ferritin 100 range 28 - 285

How are these figures and should I be supplementing?

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How are you feeling?

In general not too bad, still get tired and sometimes a bit foggy, restless sleep etc but on the whole not too bad pugdogs.


your folate is okay - around the middle of the range

ferritin looks okay to me

B12 looks okay on the face of it.

What really counts is how you are feeling - because post supplementation it's how you feel and the symptoms that are the only real way of knowing whether you are getting enough B12.

Suggest that you keep a diary of symptoms and follow how they improve when you take the maintenance dose and then when they start to come back - the point at which they start coming back would be the point at which ideally you'd need another maintenance dose but if that isn't possible then its the point at which to try supplementation.

Hello again Gambit62, have been feeling not bad in general. Read on another site that folate should be in the upper three quarters of the range but wanted to check it out here first before supplementing. Thanks again.

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I'd probably aim to get it a bit higher but given that you are in a maintenance dose situation it obviously isn't getting depleted at the moment. Food is the best source for the vast majority of people

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