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Consultant gastroenterologist

Hi all, I saw the consultant yesterday and he is doing blood tests for Coeliacs and an intrinsic factor, as I pointed out the last blood result was only 2ng/l from the bottom of the range which he agreed. Although he initially said it was "normal"! I will also be having a Gastroscopy & colonoscopy in 2 weeks. I'm hoping it isn't Coeliacs, don't see how that will fix the deficiencies & neurological symptoms I have and I really don't want to have to go gluten free! No nice food ever again 😢 Anyway at least I'm getting something done, thankfully I have some health insurance which has speeded things up. Thanks again for all the support I get here.

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Coeliac disease does cause problems with malabsorption and could be the cause of B12 and other vitamin and mineral deficiencies and therefore the cause of your symptoms.

I also hope you are not coeliac, it is a burden to carry through life but the diet is much better these days, a lot more things are available and you can continue to have nice food, if it makes you well again you just get on with it.

Good luck with the tests.


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