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Recommendations for gastroenterologist in Yorkshire area

Hi can anyone recommend a nhs gastroenterologist in Yorkshire area. I'm 20 miles East of York, so ideally looking within 1-1.5 hour drive of York.

Have hypothyroidism, low iron and possibly low B12 and symptoms/blood test results that may indicate either pernicious anaemia and/or autoimmune gastritis or some other form of gastritis. GP happy to refer but just need to fine who I want to be referred too.

Many thanks

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I can't help you with a Gastro sadly but have you been tested for Coeliac? It can be common with Hypo and low iron is a typical symptom


Hi I was last July, but I had been gluten free for 2 months so have since heard that you need to be eating gluten regularly at least 6 weeks prior to testing for test to work. I'm debating whether to start eating gluten and ask to be tested again or wait until I see a gastro and see what they advise. Or maybe just start eating gluten 6 weeks before my appointment.

I only had the test as I mentioned to the neurologist I had recently gone vegan and gluten free and he said no point giving up gluten if your not intolerant so I'll test you for it.


Thats what I understand too - is that you have to be eating gluten for 6 weeks or so to get a positive antibody reaction for Coeliac. Good luck making the decision as to whether to start eating Gluten again? Has it made a difference to you in other areas going GF? Coeliac UK is a great resource :) They might even have some information on Gastro's in your area


It's really hard to know what difference it's made as so many other symptoms I don't know what's causing what. I thought it had for the first month or two, I didn't feel quite so tired then started getting other symptoms and extreme tiredness again. Hoping once B12 and Iron are up some symptoms will go so easier to see what's left.


I use Westcliffe Innovations at Eccleshill Bradford. The gastros there are excellent. Do you think your gp could refer you there. It is a private company used by the nhs.


Thanks for that, I can always ask. Seeing Gp tomorrow.


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