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b12 jabs spiked my blood pressure

I had B12 deficiency but not PA i am aslo hypothyroid and my folate is just under range but my ferritin is ok. Doctor wont prescribe folic acid as he said it is just .1 under range.

When I had my jab in December my blood pressure spiked and i had panic attacks. i didnt connect it to the jab at all. However, I had a jab ten days ago and the same has happened again. Has this happed to anyone else and could it be b12 toxicity

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When you say it spiked, by how much and for how long?

Mine always goes up for a day or so after injecting but then settles to a gp acceptable reading! But for me personally i would rather not do a bp reading during that time as opposed to suffering the fallout from not injecting.

I had what i now know were panic attacks when i first had loading - couldnt breathe etc dont get them at all now think it was just my body going 'what on earth are you giving me all this stuff for? Ive gradually been getting used to not having it'


197/128 93 one week after jab, starting to fall now I had shortness of breath and extreme tiredness and panic. Goes off about two weeks after jab. . This is the second time it has happened. My folate is very low but GP wont medicate


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