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PA, vitiligo and vit d def

Hi folks, I'm worried! Been to see dermatologist today re vitiligo, Routine apt. I spoke to him about PA/vitiligo and recent diagnosis of vit d. He's given me a script for d3 and wants me to have blood test after loading dose of vit d in a month. On the blood form he's testing my B12, CBC, Ferritin, folate, u&e, bone and liver profile and thyroid. I'm worried when B12 result comes back that my GP will stop my B12 jabs as it will be high (I si fortnightly and have B12 injections by nurse at surgery every 8 weeks) I do have a positive IF result. I know that B12 should not be checked again and B12 jabs are for life, however, my Gp is useless and I have a gut feeling they will stop injections!

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Get your doctor to look at the following link and scroll down to "what is the treatment for B12 Deficiency"

Here he will read:

"If you have pernicious anaemia the injections are needed for life. Apart from the discomfort of having an injection, you should have no side-effects from the treatment. The injections are simply replacing a vitamin that you need".

All the best.



You could also show them info from BNF (British National Formulary) . They will almost certainly have a copy sitting on their desk or bookshelf. it's possible to get your own copy of BNF.

1) BNF Chapter 9 Section 1.2 specifies PA requires lifelong treatment.

2) BSH Cobalamin and Folate Guidelines

Uk B12 treatment info is about a quarter through document


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