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First-timer to B12 solutions

Hi all,

I'm hypothyroid (Hashimoto's - I take 75mcg levo and 10mcg T3 daily) and have low B12 (280 - within a 200-900 range). I've started supplementing to ward off symptoms (optic nerve damage without cause - doctors say, strange bumps on sides of head that grow and shrink daily, blurry eyes, right forearm tingling, much fatigue, anxiety, forgetfulness, loss of face recognition, even paranoia, etc). I had a brain scan recently to rule out issues with the optic nerve. Awaiting results but the nurse said it looks like it was clear.

Am supplementing now with two forms of B12: 1,000 mcg of Jarrow Methyl lozenges and 1,000 mcg of liquid B12 from Yoga Nutrition (cinnamon and cranberry flavour Methyl). Also taking D3, iron (200mcg) and other supplements (zinc, Vit C, omega fish oils).

I'm not feeling particularly better. It's been two weeks of daily 2,000 mcg of B12 sublingual. Previous to this I was taking daily B12 from Holland and Barrett for about 6 months (not Methyl).

A recent blood test skewed results (I stopped taking the B12 Holland and Barrett tablet but only 3 days before the test) and the B12 was up to 700; as a result my doctor says he won't refer me or further treat me for B12. The surgery now refuses B12 testing for 2 years.

My question is: should I start with B12 injections? I had them years ago in my 20's when a doctor noticed my low B12 and borderline anaemia. I can't remember what my levels were then and I've now moved from Canada to the UK and don't have my records. I don't remember then why the doctor stopped the B12 shots or even the discussion as to why he wanted me to have them.

If I am to start with B12 injections, how frequently should I do them, and how much (I've read 1ml per day, is that right, as a regular dose?). Do I keep the vial in the fridge? Do I need to order my own injectable needles, and do I inject subcutaneous or intramuscular?

I'll have to order the liquid Methyl it seems. What are the places to order this and can they be ordered or purchased in the UK? Either by private prescription or over the counter? Or otherwise?

Sorry for all the questions - I really don't know where to begin! I've read through a few posts but they don't all seem to correspond to my dual thyroid issue and I'm not sure what to try next.

Thank you everyone.

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I also suspect I'm hypothyroid though drs here ( S.West UK) refuse to do anything.

I discovered my low B12 via private blood tests and information here.

I found oral supplements didn't help much, think I have an absorption problem, so started self injecting last August.

I've had rosecea for years which spread to my eyes and consultant noted damage to my optic nerve I thought due to the blepharitis, but now think it was B12 def ( or a combination of the two)

If you search here you'll find a checklist of B12 symptoms. Mark all the ones you have and rate the out if 10 for severity.

If you're happy to self inject, you can buy the serum from Germany and syringes etc from Amazon or Medisave. Make sure you do the first one with someone with you just in case there's a reaction.

Continue to go through your checklist ratings so you can note improvements.

I found my eyesight became sharper after a few months of injections.

You can read the usual protocol for injecting on this site. i did alternate days until the symptoms subsided, then I stretched it out gradually but I'm still injecting every 2 weeks.

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