B12 and Testosterone ?

Hi I was just wondering if anyone, when they noticed symptoms of low B12 thought that these are all symptoms of low testosterone ???

You get a lot of the symptoms that you get with low B12. I've requested my gp for a testosterone test but this is the 2nd year that he writes it on the blood form but I get other results ack but never the testosterone !

I'm 41 so although it's normal for a drop in levels over the years my gp says I haven't got anything on testosterone.

I'm in uk and was wondering if anyone has had their T levels checked and was it requested by gp on your full blood test.

I fit in to all low B12 symptoms but also low T level symptoms.

Do I get it done from gp and what do I say as I know he written on 2 of my previous annual blood test forms.

I'm quite sure it has to be low T levels as I've ruled out B12, folate, vitamin D as I SI B12 and take the test as supplements. Actually I didn't ask about iron levels but I take the rest.

I think my gp is avoiding my T levels due to costs and other reasons of T replacement therapy. I don't think he wants the hassle.

Normally if everything is within range, even at the very bottom of the range he normally says everything is fine.

I just want to rule out low testosterone as it's a main suspect.

Thanks for reading my post if you've reached so far.


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  • Sorry about some spelling mistakes. Bit too early !

  • I havent had any tests yet solely for B12 but my GP also keeps talking about low testosterone levels and is referring me to another clinic?? I am getting very confused and will be speaking to my GP again about this. I assume she means that low testosterone can mean a problem with B12. Keep me informed and I will keep you informed.?

  • Keep us informed please...I am in an identical situation...started TRT for my Low T about a month ago...I still have some symptoms that I think might be B12 related

  • Hi patgbreen

    I'm only having B12 injections, doctor hasn't even tested me for low T.

    He's not much interested in doing the test.

    Are u in uk.

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