Got my delivery from Germany and Gp phoned ref my letter about SI

Got my delivery from Germany and Gp phoned ref my letter about SI

I've written to GP about SI and asking for treatment for symptoms of PA rather than guidelines.... receptionist phoned me to ask me to go in a discuss SI after I asked for the surgery support ! Watch this space, in the meantime I've just received my B12 ampules but how on earth do you open them? Also are they the right ones???? Thanks.

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  • How should they be stored? Instructions are in German !

  • Just store them at room temperature . Most important - they MUST be kept in the dark . Some people keep them in the top of the fridge . It's no necessary , but a convenient spot . I hAve exactly the same ampoules as you .Make sure that the liquid is all in the bottom of the ampoule ,If it's not , give it a flick with your finger nail . . Hold the bottom part of the ampoule in left hand . Have the little white spot ( which indicates where the glass is thinnest ) in view, cover the top of the ampoule with a swab and break the top off the ampoule away from the spot . It's no problem . Tip the ampoule so the the longer withdrawing needle reaches the bottom of the ampoule . Draw liquid up . Flick to get rid of any air . Put injection needle on syringe and carefully press until a little bead of liquid appears on the end if the needle .youre ready to go and improve your health ! All I can say is " Congratulations "Best wishes !

  • the ampoules are designed so you can actually invert them once open without the liquid escaping (surface tension because of the narrow neck - some actually manage to hold the phials upside down and draw up - haven't quite got that down myself but you can certainly invert them -

    I do subQ without changing needles and the needles don't reach down to the bottom. If you are using insulin needles then best to try and avoid actual contact between the needle and the glass as this blunts the needle slightly.

  • Thank you Gambit62. I had no idea about being able to invert an ampoule , . I will give it a go , though I have used my 'wrong' method for so long I don't know if I will manage it . Thanks very much !

  • Used Youtube to learn how to open those vials... tried several times. The glass just shatters and the sharp edges cut my fingers every time. Also noticed tiny slithers of glass that could be sucked up by a syringe without a needle attached.

    I buy 10ml bottles with the rubber cap you stick the needle through, much easier and no broken glass to contend with... I should mention, I live in Hong Kong and local pharmacy sells over the counter very cheaply.

  • Always cover the ampoule with a swab , them you won't get cut . I've never had a problem . You must break the ampoule where the white dot is - its weakest point

  • Hello would you be able to send me a link of where to get this please? Thank you hope you start feeling better x

  • Get an Ampoule snapper from Amazon for about £3 delivered in a couple of days. They just make it so easy.

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