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Thank you and advice on ordering my SI kit. So nervous about it!

Hello everybody,

You have all been great supporting me since September, when I heard the radio programme on the B12 Awareness Day.

I have now seen the neurologist, who says that he saw no convincing evidence of peripheral or central system involvement due to B12 deficiency. At the same time, he reports that I experience pins and needles and an electric current like sensation affecting my left leg and that I have seen some improvement after the B12 injections as well as that they have helped 'lift up the brain fog' I was experiencing. My understanding is that all these symptoms show 'neurological involvement' but it was good to know that he can't diagnose 'neurological damage'.

On the day he did say that all these symptoms are due to 'stress' and the fact that I feel better after B12 injections is only a placebo effect! I did point out that B12 deficiency causes stress, panic attacks and depression ... and he said; Yes, you are right!

Now, as you understand I have had enough and I have no other solution but SI.

I have tried to read previous posts advising on SI but I am a bit confused.

I have had IM hydroxocobalamin injections on my arms, so I would like to stick with this type of B12 as I haven't had any problems so far.

Is it OK to inject hydroxocobalamin SC, I feel nervous about doing it IM but of course if it is better to so it IM, I will do it.

Shall I buy needless syringes and then use 1 needle to draw the B12 solution and another to inject it?

What needle sizes should I use?

How do I dispose the sharps bin? Do I need a specific colour?

I thought of buying the B12 ampules from £55.90 for 100 ampules is a great price! Oh, My God! I have just realised that the cost is £0,56 per ampule!!

I understand that this is a reliable website. Has anybody had problems with this website or with the Rotexmedica B12 injections?

I also need to buy alcohol swaps. Anything else I need to have a complete kit?

And I will start taking folic acid after I have had a few B12 shots. My folic acid was at the bottom of the reference range as well.

Perhaps you also have the best you tube video showing how to SI B12 shots?

Any advice given will be valuable and so much appreciated!


Vicky xx

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you can inject all forms of B12 subQ - and for that you just need insulin needs - so much easier.

You don't need alcoholic swabs.

Regimes for disposing of sharps boxes vary from region to region - sometimes it is through waste disposal services and sometimes its through local surgeries so you will need to investigate locally.

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Thank you!


Hi VickyB12,

I have recently bought 100 ampoules from Versandapo, and they came within 5 days, no problems, except leaflets etc in German.

Got my syringes/needles etc from Medisave, again arrived in about 4 days.

I inject IM into thigh as IM supposed to be absorbed quicker, and use 21g x 11/2" needle to draw from ampoule, and then 23g x 1" to inject. I use a 2ml syringe.

Have found the outer thigh better to inject into than the centre.



Thank you!


Actually, there is evidence that B12 injected into the muscle passes into the blood faster than that injected into subcutaneous fat. Nor is there any evidence for it passing into the blood more slowly. Nobody knows.

In fact slower transfer from the injection site would be preferable as it would give a lower peak blood concentration, for a longer time. And B12 is eliminated by the kidneys faster when there is a high blood concentration.

But, I strongly doubt that any differences IM vs SC would be large enough to make any overall difference over several days, let alone weeks.


I did my first SI today! Subcutaneous into my stomach, and I used the ampoules from Versandapo too. I used a green needle to withdraw from the ampoule, and a blue one to inject into the skin/fat. It was a bit long (1inch) so I've now ordered some orange ones, which are 1/2" long and should be easier. I cleaned the area first with a swab, as recommended on the many YouTube videos I watched.

I'm also supplementing with Folic Acid, other B vits, magnesium and Vit D as well, as I read that these all work in conjunction with each other. I'm really hoping for more improvement in my health soon. Good luck - it'll be worth it!


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