Results and revelations from GP!!!

First of all thanks to everyone who replied to my plea for help for GP visit today.

Went armed with tons of info.

But my GP took the trouble to speak to a haematologist before my appointment today (7th appt in 6 months). She said it was ‘an education’.

He told her:

1. Although my B12 were within ‘normal’ range at 400+ (12 weeks post-injection) this isn’t ‘normal’ for someone on a treatment regime – he would have expected it to be nearer 1000.

2. That ‘normal’ is different for everyone

3. GPs are encouraged to trust how their patients’ account of how they feel within themselves

She admitted this was new information for her and would feed this back to all the GPs in the practice.

What a revelation!

As a result, GP has agreed to monthly injections – SI if I prefer – and has referred to me a haematology specialist to get to the bottom of it.

Perseverance pays off! Keep at it!!

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  • Yeah! The message spreads.

  • Well done for you.😄

  • Good news - and great to hear a haemo saying that GPs should be listening to what their patients say about how they feel.

  • Brilliant Sharon75

    Don't forget to check your Folate

  • Wow, great news especially if GP spreads the word as that will mean even more people getting right treatment.

  • Thanks all. I went in ready for a battle with reams of guidance. Was shocked but respect GP for admitting lack of knowledge and caring enough to pass it on to the practice.

    We'll win the fight - one GP at a time!

  • Wonderful! I am sorry for having assumed too much from the Doctor not being so helpful before. Delighted for you, and for the others who will benefit from her new learning!

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