Diagnosed B12 deficient May 16 after suffering pain in my arms, hands, thighs and feet. I was also suffering brain fog, forgetfulness and extreme fatigue which I put down to over working (secondary school English teacher before exam season!).had loading doses and now on 12 weekly top ups. Pain and fatigue have never really subsided although brain fog is better. Went back to Dr who did another blood test and said my vit D was really low so am on supplements. After gaining access to my blood results I could see my serum folate was 4.0 (4.0-20.0) so decided to top up myself after reading advice given on here. Since taking the Vit D and folic acid I have been needing to go to the toilet more often and with a sense of urgency. Does anybody know if they have diuretic qualities or am I barking up the wrong tree? Awake and posting at 00.25 due to pain in hands and big toe. Does anyone know how long until symptoms subside? Only been taking folic acid 1 week. Thanks

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  • Do you think more frequent jabs would help you as your original symptoms haven't cleared? If you optimise your levels, complete with all the supporting supplements needed to make the extra B12 work, you should get better and not get these additional symptoms.

  • My GP is loathe to increase frequency of jabs; she says that B12 is water soluble so my body will just expel it. Didn't get to talk to her regarding Vit D as she got receptionist to call me. I assume she thinks some of my 'aches and pains' can be attributed to low Vit D. Unless you're on the verge of dying GPS don't seem to care much. Unfortunately controlling budgets gives them a wait and see attitude.

  • Even the NHS website that directs people to this forum says treatment should not be delayed to stop damage occurring.

    Dr's often don't do anything appropriate even if you are on the edge of dying! At least if you snuff it you don't cost them anything! They have weighted treatment targets to secure funding and vitamin deficiencies don't appear on it so they are incentivised to give other treatments, regardless of outcomes.

    An alternative for the B12 is self injecting which is what I have been doing for over 18 months and it has given me most of my life back. For more information you could look up my profile by double clicking on my name and see my post "My Experiences".

    If your body needs something, it needs it! A deficiency causes damage which in time can become permanent. My cousin is vitamin D deficient and supplementing has made a huge difference to her.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Paffette71 I'm glad you "picked up on" your low folic acid and are supplementing. However, depending on how much you are taking I suggest you ask your doctor to monitor your Folate level when he/she next checks your Vitamin D.

    I'm sorry to read of your "midnight pains" but as to how long it takes for symptoms to subside there is no one simple, straightforward answer, as we are all different and a lot depends on the degree and longevity of the deficiency before treatment.

    I went 13 years between gastric surgery and diagnosis of P.A. by which time I was a walking "Zombie" and that was 45 years ago and I still get the odd neurological pains in the run up to my next B12 injection.

    As to increased urination (?) I'm not qualified to comment. Suffice to say I suffer the same symptom but then I'm a 75 year old male with prostate problems.

    I wish you well

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