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How much folic acid and self Injecting


I've been self injecting now for 6 weeks, my ferritin before injecting was 63(20-150) and I haven't topped that up. Feel tired so I'm going take spatone . My folate before injecting was 24 (10-42 range) I'm taking Biotech 5 mg folic acid. Is this too much ?? I've ordered a good b complex with 400 mcg of folate in it, should I stop the high one and just take this? And experience would be great.

Thank u x

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Hi has anyone got any thoughts? I'm searching frantically and I'm confused. One link suggested only take up to 1000 mg. then I read that B12 and folate need each other , Then I'm reading too much folate can cause more neurological damage...

thank u in advance :) 🙈

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