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Vitamin b12


I currently suffer from an underactive thyroid and feel I have mirroring symptoms of being B12 deficient (no engery, shocking memory etc)

I had my vitamin b12 tested back in April this year where the doctor told me I had a level of 528 which she said was good and wouldn't benefit from the b12 injections, just looking for a bit of advice if this is actually true or the doctor is just fobbing me off

With thanks


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Your doctor is misinformed; some people only feel well when their serum cobalamin is much higher than yours, even if it's over range. The ranges really aren't very useful for people who are already ill.

PA/B12D and hypo-T often occur together. Do you have any recent thyroid test results to share with us? Don't forget the lab ranges (the figures in brackets).



Thank you for your reply going to have my Thyroid checked on Wednesday so will update with results x

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have you supplemented at all? - serum B12 isn't a particularly good guide as to what is really happening with B12 but it will be even worse if you have been supplementing.

If you haven't been supplementing then it would actually be quite unusual to be suffering from a deficiency with the levels that you mentioned so personally I don't think your GP was fobbing you off.

Would suggest that you revisit B12 when your thyroid levels are sorted out ... or alternatively ask for MMA and/or homocysteine to be tested - these are two 'nasties' that build up if your cells don't have enough B12 to recycle them.


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