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Gastritis, are B12 injection going to treat it?

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I have PA and started B12 injections. I have just done gastroscopy. I have symptoms of gastritis (I have to wait for the results of 4 biopsies in 3 weeks time). And the doctor saw my stomach and said it looks like gastritis (not severe one).

What results I can receive. Are they going to confirm gastritis and what type of it? I do not have Parietal Cell Antibodies. Only PA.

Did anybody have improvement in stomach symptoms after starting B12 injections?

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Sadly Kosakosia I don't think the B12 will cure your gastric problems although it may well be that they caused your P.A.

I'm not a medically trained person but there are others on here who may be able to help you.

If you have PA then you have Autoimmune Metaplastic Gastric Atrophy, aka atrophic gastritis. There is no cure for it.

I had both IF and parietal cell antibodies. I suffered from gastritis and slow gut motility and digestive issues. All this was quite clear on last endoscopy in 2013. Over the years there has been some improvement on B12 but I am not totally free from gut issues and still get soreness. I try to eat little and often.

Hi im from derby i havelow iron on iron tabsi have to have a gasto scan on my abdomen on 28th oct +heart jell scanon the8th nov does anyone know what they could be looking 4 im scared its cancer or heart related problems thanks

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