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Normal b12 levels high folate

Hi guys,

I had my b12 retested 2 days ago and my b12 level is 651 and folate is 19.3. I have been supplementing heavily with b12 for about a year now because if I don't my levels fall to 200s range. I have been unable to convince doctor to give injections. When you have normal b12 levels, what does high folate indicate? It seems to be a pattern in my blood work. Previously in July b12 was 603 and folate was 25.5. When my b12 level falls (300s range) my folate is in more normal range (17.5). I've had horrible GI and neurological symptoms for years and mentioned in previous posts that it's likely that I have Zollinger Ellison syndrome (extremely high gastrin over 5,000, high parietal cell over 120, high chromogranin A 65.5) maybe in addition to pernicious anemia but who knows? Still waiting for a complete diagnosis. I see GI doc tomorrow and hematologist next week and hoping for more answers. If anyone has any info on normal b12 levels with high folate id love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

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I have just had my blood test results and my b12 is normal but I have high serum folate. I need to see my doctor about this - currently researching what the reasons could be, if I find out I will let you know. Did you work it out, as your post was 8 months ago? thanks


Hi yoga mom. I have Just got my folate and B 12 levels checked. My folate is high and b12 is “normal”. I have numbness and tingling in both feet. As well as my left arm but mostly the ring and pinky finger. My feet get very cold which was never a problem before the surgery

All this started after I had a complete hysterectomy. My thyroid tanked at that time too. I take nature throid Rx. I have 2 MTHFR defects.

Seen numerous dr’s. Endocrinologist, naturopath. Neurologist

I have started taking b12 supplements. Hoping it might help with tingling and numbness

I would love any input none has!!!

Thanks so much!


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