Goitre, bloods normal, Vitamin B low

Hi everyone,

I'm really confused and I hope someone can help or offer advice.

I have been suffering with symptoms of underactice thyroid for over 10 years. Each time my bloods are in range (last one TSH 3.2 and T4 18.

My GP has continually refused to refer me to endocrinolgy and told me I'm depressed.

Saw a consultant for something unrelated and he saw on an ultrasound that my thyroid was swollen and referred me.

Endocrinology consultant said my bloods etc were fine but I had a very large goitre and has prescribed thyroxine to try and shrink it. Also a barium swallow and ct scan to see if it is pressing on my gullet/windpipe.

Also he stated that my vitamin B level was 0.20, can that be right??

He has said I need to contact my GP as he will ask that I start therapy for this right away.

I guess my questions are;

Can I have a goitre and have normal thyroid function? And what will happen if it doesn't shrink?

What therapy is it I'm starting and why am I low on vitamin B?

Haven't managed to speak to my own GP to ask questions yet as they haven't received any information from the consultant.

Sorry that was long!

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  • Nattii,

    A goitre is enlargement of the thyroid gland. Levothyroxine will sometimes shrink a goitre but if it doesn't and the goitre is compressing the trachea or growing down into the chest surgical removal is required. It is worth asking whether thyroid antibodies have been tested. Positive antibodies confirm autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's) which can cause enlargement of the gland.

    TSH >2.0 indicates the thyroid gland is struggling to produce hormone (T4). TSH 3.2 is usually within normal range. T4 18 is usually good assuming the T4 range tops off around 20 or 22. Ask your consultant for results next time you have a thyroid function test.

    You may want to join healthunlocked.com/thyroiduk to discuss thyroid issues.

  • Thank you for replying. He said my antibodies were slightly raised but nothing that concerned him.

    Initially he said he would not be prescribing any medication based on my TSH but after seeing and examining my goitre he changed his mind.

    I will ask for my full results when I see him next.

  • Also he stated that my vitamin B level was 0.20, can that be right??

    Which vitamin B (there are lots). What were the units (ng/L, grains per jeroboam)? What was the normal range.

    Test results are normally quoted as:

    Value units range

    85 pmol/L 120-799

  • He didn't say which vitamin B.

    He called me the day after my appointment to tell me and just said 0.20 and I needed 20,000 units of vitamin B therapy from my GP.

    I am still waiting for the GP to receive his letters and get my prescription for the thyroid meds and (I presume) discuss the therapy.

  • suggest you contact and ask for clarification/copy of the blood results and a copy of the letter that has gone to your GP

  • Could he have said vitamin D not B? 20,000iu of vit D would be a very high dose but if you are severely difficient not beyond the realms of possibility.

  • Hi Nattii . Keep a cool head. If you peruse "My Thyroid UK" you will see much pertaining info. Also you could read "Stop the thyroid madness" to see future and present approaches you might take. B'ss are associated with thyroid deficiencies. Hope you find possible solutions.

  • Hi Nattii . I forgot. You need to take GPs and consultants as advisories and take executive control of your own interests. They are sometimes right but in these areas of Thyroid and Vitamin deficiencies they are often contra as they are guided by guidelines formulated by vested interests. Good luck.

  • Thank you for your suggestions. I'm sure he said vitamin B but I could have misheard I suppose. I'm going to try and get a GP appointment and ask them to go through it all again with me so I can get it all clear in my head.

    Hopefully whatever is going on can now begin to get get sorted and I will finally start to feel better.

  • Vit B - Vit D over the phone sound similar ....

  • This is a great resource: b12d.org/

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