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More b12?

Hey everyone, haven't written a post in a while. I wanted to see if injecting myself once a week with hydroxo b12 would lessen my symptoms. Even though I feel a bit better e.g (not tired and fatigued when I first wake up anymore), I still seem to lack energy throughout the day.

Are there some people who simply do not absorb b12 efficidently, and need to inject even more than 1ml every week?

I had my iron tested a while ago and the dr said it was at a pretty solid number (115, I beleive). The dr told me it needed to be above 70 ish to grow hair, so im happy with that finding. This means that I might not have an absorption problem afterall which I am thankful for.

One of my many concerns is that my hair loss is due to something that I can prevent. I have been franticly searching if pernicious anemia is linked to other autoimmune condition, such as celiac etc. No hair loss runs in my family, I cannot think of any man who is blood related that has/had hair loss.

Pretty much my symptoms are general fatigue, being tired but not being able to sleep which injecting hydroxo for a few weeks seems to have fixed (I sleep like a baby), hair loss but overall hair has not felt right in years (dry, brittle and grey from age 21 and I'm 27 now), and blurry vison.

I know my symptoms might be signs of aging but really, this bad at 27? I just don't feel right within myself and it seems fishy how when I inject hydroxo I feel alright for maybe 2-3 days, then steadily decline.

I don't really want to inject more than once a week as that seems drastic and expensive. But I will do anything to feel normal again, like I do in those 2-3 days after injecting. Even my depression goes away during those 2-3 days and past those days my depression can be crippling.

So my question and thoughts are, are there people who need to inject very regularly? I'm talking like maybe 2-3 times a week? I am thinking of injecting myself more frequently and seeing if this helps matters.

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Hi Krealan do you know what your Folate level is as this gets "used up" and is essential to process the B12 you are having injected?


I am not aware of my folate levels but I eat a healthy diet of mostly veggies. Do you know the "normal" range for folate levels in adult males?


My test result in March was as follows

Serum Folate 18.2ng/ml3.10 – 20.50ng/ml

but different labs can use different scales and ranges.


Yes, there are people out there who need to inject more than once a week -

is there a history of premature greying in your family - seems to be a statisically significant correlation with PA

hair loss can be associated with B212 - in fact I think its' sometimes pushed as a remedy for hairloss - but there are a lot of other conditions that can cause hair loss - including thryorid.

I'm at the high end of B12 use - need more than 1mg a day - but the pattern for me seems to fit with just needing to keep my levels above a certain point because of a functional B12 deficiency - and I actually find that nasal spray seems quite effective for me.


How are you able to inject b12, daily (price wise)?. isn't it expensive? I would love to inject 1mg per day or 1mg three/four times a week to experiment with if this makes a great difference.

My depression goes away within the first and second day after giving myself and injection so this might be an indication that I need to inject every 2-3 days.

My sister had/has grey hair since she was 18 (she is 24 now). She recently has been diagnosed with PA just like myself, with very low iron levels (in the range of 15). My iron level was 115 when I got tested (I was trying to rule out a possible hair loss link).

I have read that people with PA have hair loss but it stops after getting b12, but mine hasn't. Deep down I know my hair loss is due to my PA because of the way I feel inside, and due to the fact literally no male in my family has hair loss. My mother's father diet at the age of 70 with a full head of sald and pepper hair. And my father died at 45 with a full head of hair.

It all just seems to fishy for my hair loss to be genetic, considering I have PA and are still having other symptoms, e.g fatigue.


I probably inject 4 x a week - days when I'm in office generally. Not that expensive - phial of B12 costs less than £1 even after exchange rates of £/eur have nose-dived. Does seem to be more expensive in the US but not sure why.

you can buy B12 phials from on-line german pharmacies - just need to be careful that you are using a reputable source and not ebay - is another popular source.

However, as say I really rely more on nasal sprays - not as efficient but seems to get enough in to make the difference for me as it just needs to keep my levels at the right point.



I inject about three times a week. If I go longer than three days (sometimes I forget), then I start feeling tired, anxious, spacey and my eye twitches maddeningly. If I remember to do it every other day, I feel a lot better.

The ampoules aren't expensive - I think of it as a lot cheaper and more effective than buying myself a cup of coffee when I'm out! I'm a caffeine lover, but B12 is definitely better :)

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Hi u can buy a box of 100 for €55.90 , I'm currently self injecting every other day until no further improvement 👍 Dr was only prepared to give me 3 over 3 months ( not enough )

Good luck


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