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Extreme stress eating up B12 too fast?


I have been self injecting cyano B12 daily for about 3 months, and I was feeling great.

I have just recently (29th December) had a very stressful break up with my ex girlfriend and I got so upset that I also self harmed. My health rapidly went downhill, with all my B12 deficiency symptoms coming back with a vengeance, shaking like a leaf, unable to sleep, pins and needles in my right hand, loss of balance, loss of concentration, extreme tiredness and fatigue.

To make things even worse, my Mother died yesterday.

I need to drive 1,000kms tomorrow to catch a flight in 2 days time from Oman to the UK, to seek solace with my Dad, but I feel dreadful.

I have seen a previous post where stress can eat up B12, but it seems that my extreme stress is eating it up faster than I can replace it?

Anyone come across this before?

So I will ask advice!

Will it harm me to self inject 2 or 3 times a day?

I am desperate!


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Wow patez I'm sorry to read of all your sorrows and woes and yes stress does use up your B12 and your Folate level too so perhaps you need to supplement that as well.

I'm not medically qualified but there are others on here who will be able to advise you.

Take care of yourself - you only live once

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Thanks for the moral support.

I am taking folic acid and Potassium.

I forgot to mention that I have also just recently changed brands from Neurobion (B12 complex) to Cynovit. The Neurobion is a bit harder to self inject, because it is 3ml (but only 1g of B12), but the Cynovit is only 1ml (1g B12).

Thinking about it? Before all this stress kicked in, I had the feeling that I had stopped improving as much, when using the Cynovit, as I had been when I was on the Neurobion? In fact, I had stopped improving at all when using the Cynovit? I am going to go back to the Neurobion, even though it is 10 times more expensive! Maybe a case of you get what you pay for?


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Yes - I find stress is a real problem.

Energy drinks contain B12 and folic acid and can work in the short term. 5-6 hours

Methylcobalamin sublinguals 5mg also can fill in gaps between injections. This is my method of choice.

I just lost my father and can sympathize. Sorry for your loss.


Thank you.

Sorry for your loss also.


My condolences patez ! Also very sorry for your loss pvanderaa .

I was also feeling like crap recently, so since Dec 24 I've been injecting 2 ampoules daily (of 1mg/1mL each). One day I even did 3. Balance issues, tingling, even fatigue (my most stubborn symptom), started resolving again. A few times I did 1 morning and 1 night, but I feel like 2 in the morning is better. My stock is nearly finished, and I will order the 1.5mg instead going forward. I seem to use it up quite quickly too, even without any additional stress.

If it helps, I say do it! Even if it's a placebo effect (and i"m sure it's not), it's so cheap you have nothing to lose.

Take care of yourself...

p.s. I just noticed the Neurobion has B6 as well. You probably wouldn't want to use more than 1 per day, as you can overdose on B6. And even then, if you're injecting daily, 100mg B6 may be too much. You might be better off taking a B complex instead. Still, perhaps the extra B6 and B1 were helping and that's why the Neurobion seemed better?

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Thank you for the condolences.

Your message has made me look at the maximum daily B6 intake, and it does say that 100mg is the max and that taking more than that over a long period can cause nerve damage. Neurobion does have 100mg B6.

Change of plan then eh?

I have only done 2 injections of Neurobion today, so I will stop tomorrow.

Maybe a good course to follow, to try and get myself fixed up asap, is to take 1 Neurobion and 2 Cynovit?

I actually have a large stock of Jarrow B12 sublingual, but I got mouth sores and split lips when I tried them, which is when I eventually found injections available locally.

Only a few weeks ago I was on top of the world health wise.

I am shocked as to how quickly I went downhill, and worse than I have ever been!

Thank you for putting me on the right track, and also nice to know that other people suffer so badly that up to 3 injections a day are needed.

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Sounds like a good plan! Times like this it's good to note down symptoms & severity. It can also help determine which symptoms might be early warning signs for you. In my case it's loss of balance, dropping stuff, and increase in tingling. Fatigue seems to be caused by too many other factors as well so it's not a reliable indicator of low b12 for me.

I had the same thing at xmas - went downhill very fast despite no change in daily inection frequency! Funny how the body works!

You might think about ordering some pure b12 from germany online to be delivered to the UK, since you'll be there soon. Not sure how long delivery times to the uk are thouhh.

P.s. did an extra 0.5mg before bed as i have a cold and tingling came back in the evening! :)


Hi All.

Wonder if anyone knows or can comment on this.

The Cynovit B12 I am taking does not have any smell at all when the ampoule is cracked open?

The Neurobion, and the B12 I was taking in Thailand (can't remember the brand!), both had a distinctive smell?

The Cynovit does not seem to have any effect at all either. Has it gone bad?

Anyone know if all B12 injections/ampoules should have that distinctive smell?



My ampoules don't smell. I think it's the B1 you're smelling. All of my B-complexes (capsules/tablets) smell.

B12 should be kept out of light and extreme heat but otherwise it should last a few years. My amouples have an expiration date of 2 to 3 years from now.


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