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Self supplementation although serum Ferritin 'in range' confused!:-(

Self supplementation although serum Ferritin 'in range' confused!:-(

Hi, would someone be able to help me with my recent blood results?

I have had problems with my iron since I was 16 I am now 31. Its been on and off and I don't eat a great amount of meat. My most recent tests are here attached but in summary my Serum Ferritin is at 46.

I've totally lost faith in doctors because I know though I am in the range for my ferritin I know the tiredness I feel is due to it being low anyway. I also am losing more hair then I usually do and I get more moody twards my period.

So I am now taking Ferrous Sulphate 200mg 2 a day with a vitamin c. My question is this the right type of iron to take for Serum Ferritin? I know that there are different types of iron in our body. So I don't want to damage my health more by self diagnosing with the wrong type of iron?

Am I correct to now take these tablets to at least get my serum ferritin levels back up to 100? Also will this increase any 'other' iron levels in my body to a dangerous level?

Another question which I wanted to clarify is about my Serum Folate. I wasnt tested for this is the test attached but I was in the summer and they were at 16 but the range is between 5.00- 10.00 for Serum Folate - so I am above range on that.

The doctor said it may be due to me having green smoothies. Is this right or just rubbish.. (!?) Because again, I dont want to take the wrong type of iron and damage my health in the process..

Thanks for anyone who would know any information which can help me. Thanks very much

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Your ferritin is a bit low... there was one piece of research which found it needed to be over 60 before fatigue lessened, and I read some refs to it needing to be 80 to reduce hair loss, though I haven't tracked down that research. Personally I'd aim for 80, and higher if I had Restless Leg Syndrome.

If you are tolerating f sulphate, that should be fine. Some find it produces constipation, if so try f bisglycinate or of fumerate.

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Thanks for this - Yes I also read this somewhere on the interenet too. F sulphate is suitable for me and I take it with vit C. I find fumerate gives me itchy eyes! Thanks so much again!


Hi Ic8888. Here's a good site if you want more information about iron:

And yes, your folate is a bit high...check out mayo and search for'll give you information about the potential side effects of having too much folate (sorry, don't have time to say more right now).

I accidentally overdid the folate when first diagnosed and it made me feel quite ill 😖.

And if you're self supplementing iron at those doses, it would be a good idea to get your GP to keep an eye on your levels, which perhaps is being done if you've had long term problems with iron? (A full iron panel would be best if you can persuade GP to do it).

I see the top of the FBC results in the screen shot reports 'normal'...but can't see the actual results. Worth bearing in mind that it's where the results are in the reference range that counts - sometimes being at the very top or very bottom of the range is not good enough...and GP's spot 'normal' so often don't even look 😖.

Good luck and post again if you need any more help.

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Thanks so much for the information. I will check the Mayo clinic site out!

I'm booking an appointment with the GP on Monday to get him to do a full iron panal too. They really don't show much consideration even though this has been on going for years, but I will now make a real effort to make him understand that I would like more clarity on this and that I would like to be monitored - since I am taking the F Sulfate supplements!

I may post my FBC results in my next post as cant here!

Fingers crossed I can gain clarity on all this. Thanks again!


Good luck with the doctor Ic8888.

With such long-term problems (especially if these are making you feel ill all the time) you could go for broke and ask for a referral to a heamatologist...bit surprised that this has not been done.

And yes, folks will comment on your results if you put them up in a new post.

You really shouldn't be left on your own to deal with this..iron is such a tricky and complicated thing 😀


Thanks so much for this suggestion. I didn't realize I could do this - seeing a proper professional would be amazing. I should have thought of this before :-( .. I will give it a try ... thanks again.

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Hi Ic8888. Just to let you know...I've seen the FBC blood results that you've just posted (which all look okay) and it's unlikely that your GP would refere you to a haematologist based on those results.

However....if you could get him to do a full iron panel (though based on FBC and ferritin, he may not be keen), perhaps would throw up something...

Still think though that you shouldn't be left to self-supplement such large doses of iron - GP should really prescribe the iron and monitor bloods regularly.

But difficult 'to know whether to insist on referral cause you obviously have history that we are not aware off - could always ask for referral if you think it would help you 😀

Good luck and take care x


How's your hemoglobin?


My ferritin has been as high as 600. Was 320 at last check--but my hair loss hasn't stopped.


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