Low serum ferritin

My levels are so low, under 5, anaemic too, awaiting an Iron infusion, I also ave B12 injections every 3 months, initially the Gp, who is great btw, told me I had Pernicious Anemia, then next blood test I didn't have Pernicious type, just low iron stores with Anemia.....why ca nt my body store serum ferritin? Could I have Pernicious instead go just Anemia.....I'm so weak and feel so sick....can you help?

Thank you


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  • Sending a big hug your way Jill, I'm not sure how much I can help as I have no experience of low iron. It's good you are getting the infusion, soon I hope?

    I think your doctor has confused you regarding Pernicious Anaemia (PA). Have a read of the PA Society leaflet on the condition:


    You might feel better if you have more frequent injections, very few people can last 3 months. Low iron is common in PA as is low folate, have you had your folate levels checked? Also ask your doc to check vitamin D, and a referral to a gastro might be a good idea.


  • Sorry, dodgy link. Try this:


  • Oops sorry Hamster, just found this reply, ty so much....funny cos ten mins. Go before I found your comment I wondered that lol.....I got the infusion in the end, and it went from 5 to 67, still low, should be 150 I was rod, anyway, prob need another one.....just wondering, notice you know so much, do you think there is a connection to also having B12 deficiency? Look forward to your reply.......reason I havnt been on here since last comments I made, I have just had severe vertigo.....ugh! For five weeks! Tc Jill :)

  • Lol just read the below comment seems I did reply....wow my memory is getting worse, also need to see Gp about that again too

  • Vertigo is a symptom of B12 def, you need more frequent injections! Have a read of the link I've put in below. x

  • Hi Hamster, thanks for your reply, regards B12, your right, need them more frequently......told tody that having iron infusion, Gastro team are looking after me ATM, soon to have another CT scan, as I also suffer with Gastritis...inflamed stomach lining......very painful......I'm hoping to get answers as to why the Serum Feritin won't store.......and Also get regular Anemia......I'm grateful for your suggestions and thanks for the link....tc Jill

  • Well it sounds like you have PA to me. Gastritis, low stomach acid, low iron, all very common. If you feel up to it I would recommend a read of the PAS forum section called "My Story". You can read without being a member. You will see similar stories to your own.


    H x

  • Ty H...off to read this

  • Hi again Jill60, if you go here as well you will find some more info and links:


  • Low stomach acid signifies what? I have always had that problem. =)

    How is that related to b12? Does the stomache need acid to break that down

    or what?

  • Another little link for you Yikes:


  • Wow, fits my situation to a tee.. between what you told me and

    our friend the chemist, I am sure that I am right about this..low acid..

    so adding a apple cider vinegar -just a few drops to my swig of orange

    juice will help me to better absorb my nutrients...so simple.. I will take

    the supplements in this way. I will follow up with a bottle of true alkaline water.

    Thanks for passing that on. I read about 10 articles since about that in

    my study of b12 deficiency and iron too. I want to shoot for a goal of getting

    in the top 20% of the normal range..if that satisfies my symptoms.

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