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It's been a while since I posted. I had a question/concern. Usually my WBC is always in low range of 4.0 (has been this way for 5+ years when symptoms started) but the past couple of months it has fallen to the 3.0 range. Last recent lab was 3.1. The ones before that were 3.3, 3.4. I have multiple defiencies of b12, vitamin d, and iron (maybe even others that I'm unaware of?!). I supplement all the defiencies I know of that I have but my symptoms remain and my WBC has fallen. Is b12 deficiency (or either of the others) correlated with WBC? It is concerning me but dr hasn't addressed it yet. I have an appointment on dec 7th. I'm just trying collect info on this topic before I see him. Doctor has been trying to prove I have Zollinger-Ellison syndrome for months but still no definite diagnosis yet. The weakness, fatigue, and excessive deep ache I feel in my legs are my biggest complaints and they are becoming intolerable. I cannot exercise either because I feel too weak or get out of breath easily. If and when I get up the courage to exercise or even do very light yoga I am massively sore and fatigued for weeks! Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing anyone's thoughts or suggestions on this.

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  • Decreased White Blood Cell (WBC) count is also also known as leukopenia and it appears it can be found in people with B12 deficiency according to


    It is not definitive that your low WBC count is caused by low B12 (or any of your other deficiencies) as it can be caused by a whole range of things including the common cold! Some info on white blood cells:


    and leukopenia:


    If I was you I'd be pushing for B12 injections as a matter of urgency. Whether you have Zollinger-Ellison syndrome or not you appear to have trouble keeping your B12 levels up despite taking very high dose supplements so it is pretty likely you have an absorbance issue.

    Testing for PA is imperfect, so even if you test negative for Intrinsic factor antibodies you may have PA as the test is only 50% sensitive.

    Whatever the cause of your B12 problems... if you cannot absorb B12 the UK treatment is B12 injections rather than oral supplementation.

    Has any of your supplementation of Iron and Vit D helped to raise your levels of these any? Were your deficiencies in these looked at / meds prescribed? Deficiencies in these will make you feel rubbish too with some overlapping symptoms (which can also overlap with B12 deficiency symptoms too).

    BMJ article about B12 deficiency which even mentions Zollinger-Ellison syndrome as a cause of B12 deficiency. (and B12 deficiency a cause of low WBC counts!)


    BSH guidelines for B12 (and folate) disorders


    Maybe have a look at these and take them with you as supporting evidence for B12 injections?

  • Hi, thank you for your reply. I have asked my GI Doctor for b12 injections but he's adamant that I do not have deficiency when it is in high 200s range. My hematologist does say I have pernicious anemia so I think he will do it. I'm not due to see him until February though.

    When I supplement the iron and vitamin d my levels do go up but very slowly and only to a certain point. My ferritin levels never get past 17. My vitamin d I supplement with 50,000IU weekly since January and levels plummet if I stop taking it even for a month. It is the same with my iron, I had to halt supplementing for only 2 weeks and my ferritin went from 17 to 5. Currently my levels are adequate but I still feel terrible. Mostly with the fatigue, weakness, and deep aching in the legs.

    Thank you again! I will have a look at the links :)

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