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How to open B12 ampules from amazon/germany


I have been self injecting for years, and here in the US, I would receive B12 in little bottles with a plastic top that you would pry off. There would be a rubber top on the bottle that you would pierce with your needle and then draw out the liquid into the syringe. I went to use the German ones tonight, I see that they are a glass or plastic little bottle in the shape of a candle or something like that. How do I fill the syringe with these? The entire little bottle is filled with red liquid-even the little candle shaped top. No instructions are present and I have never seen anything like this before.

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I just googled it online and found out that I need an ampule opener. They are $40 here on Amazon. Yikes.

wedgewood in reply to rosehill

No you don’t need an ampoule-opener . Make sure that the liquid is all in the bottom of the ampoule by flicking it . Find the white spot on the neck — This is the weak spot . Use a swab to cover the ampoule. ( prevents cutting yourself ) Apply pressure to the neck where the spot is and it will break easily . Just be careful not to cut yourself . It’s the best way for injecting in a domestic situation. A single use ampoule is safer than a several-use vial .— less chance of contamination

. I’m surprised that the ampoule opener is so expensive in the US . You can buy one for about £4.00 here in U.K. ( Amazon U.K. ) Best wishes

rosehill in reply to wedgewood

Thank you, Wedgewood. I just opened it per your instructions and it snapped off cleanly. I was putting pressure on the ampule too high and it wasn't breaking. I just gave myself an injection with my new B12. Yea!

wedgewood in reply to rosehill

I’m pleased it worked for you . It will get easier and easier . I always cover the ampoule with s swab , because once , when opening an ampoule without the swab , I cut myself very badly. . It was unbelievably sharp . Went through my finger like a hot knife through butter !

fbirder in reply to rosehill


That's twice what I paid for mine in the UK -

Or you can buy 100 of these for $10

EllieMayNot in reply to rosehill

I use an empty 3ml syringe over the top of the ampule to break it open. If I can't find it when I need it, I use the sleeve from an empty alcohol prep pad over the top of the ampule to keep my fingers out of the way. (I managed to cut myself once and it was a bit nasty so now I keep my fingers out of the way.) Others swear by the gizmos on Amazon but I haven't tried them.

Once you open a few, you will get the hang of it and become a real pro!

I worked in NHS for 30 yrs, as a nurse, and opened countless ampoules - not once using anything to help/protect etc. I've never had an injury, I'm pleased to say.

If something is preferred, I would suggest a biro cover rather than go to the expense of buying any of the gizmo's available ;)

Each to their own, tho ... ;)

I always use an ampoule snapper. Just a couple of pounds on Amazon. Also makes a good stand while I take the needle out of the packet

My ampoule opener works great at cost less than £4

How were you able to order the German ones? I am having difficulty with ordering. Were you able to order on Amazon? If so, what did you search?


Use this solution myself..

You snap off the top., very simple without any splinter of glass -bending off the top

There is a dot on the neck of the ampull. I

Hold the bottle in one hand with index finger and thumb. firmly . . .Turn the ampulle so you see the dot on the neck of the ampule neck , Take told of the top and "bend" away from the dot. It will snap off the by the neck, Bo risk getting cut ...

stick your needle down and suck up the B12.

If you are sensitive try avoid hitting the bottom with the needle. I take it subcutaneous . Stomach body fat . Apparently (Double check for your self) thats OK. Much easier but you have to take it more often .

I have to take it daily for periods. Hate it . thats why i do it that way.

Good luck .

There are videos here about how to clean and open amps, this is the place I also buy my B12

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