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1st Post Help please

Hi Hoping you can help this is my first post here and i am having multiple and varied symptoms like many im sure.

Battling with depression/anxiety

memory loss fatigue and restless legs/ carpel tunnel and my left middle finger and 4th numb daily. 53 yr male self employed with an active job and doctors tell me my bloods are normal and continue to treat me with antidepressants. told I have a polyp near the appendix and appointment to se specialist in Jan2017!

suggestions please. blood results below should say all show a downward trend for the last 12months

thanks Mark

Serum B12 149 ref 150-1000ng/l

Serum folate 4.5 ref 2-18.8 ug/l

Serum ferritin 12 ref 12-250ug/l

RDW 14.7% ref 12-15%

RBCount 4.6 ref 4.5-6.5

Haemoglobin 142 ref 130-180g/l

Serum TSH 2.1mlU/L ref 0.3- 4.5

All on a downward trend other than RDW which is upward

Many thanks Mark

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This first post bears a remarkable resemblance to your earlier 'first post' and the follow-up to it.

It makes it much easier to keep track if you keep everything in one thread.

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Apologies trying to post to Thyroid community as suggested and must have clicked the wrong community😠

Many thanks Mark

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Hi Holehead. Please see replies to your earlier posts for analysis of blood results and suggestions for you to follow.

It's also worth noting that anxiety and depression are potential symptoms of B12 deficiency which, as discussed previously, you do have.

Might be worth keeping an eye on your earlier posts as people might still add to fbirder says, it's easier to keep track of things if the same questions are only in one place. But of course, if you have new questions, post these in 'new' posts 😀.

As suggested previously, good idea to chase your GP for treatment of your B12 deficiency...will make a big difference in terms of improving the symptoms you currently have.

Good luck.


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