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Legs git bigger over night


My legs have got tgat much bigger my jeans are tight.

Ive been taking 3000mcg jarrows b12 methal i seem to have pit on weight in my legs. I was very thin need to put on weight but im a bit confused at how quick my legs have got bigger.

I havent been as dizzy which is good.

Other reasons;

I dont normally have yeast, sugar fat gluten all affect me. My son has been a challenge only nearly two and ive ended up eating gf biscuits have sugar and crisps with yeast in also drinking soya that i dont normally

When i eat gluten i do swell up like it or when due on period.

So i dont know if its the soya affecting my thyroid or the yeast

Ive stopped having milk today aswell as i know it makes me anxious and sibo and h ployri u cant have milk.

Maybe i was peeing alot more having milk im not sure.

Alot of high potassium foods i seemed to have problems with maybe i need more now?

See how it goes tomorrow 🙈


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I woke this morning and my skin is very dry shrivelled. My legs mottled and red sort if blotchy colour when press leaves a lighter colour ☹️️

I was getting fluttery pain in chest right side not servere pain but was not right...

Do u think i need to stop the b12?

Or coz id been eating fat ? Yeast soya

☹️️ I hadnt sat down once testerday as toddler so active and trying to get things done. He is gluten free and very fussy eater too and forgett to eat myself at times

I had been told i need alot of salt unless i havent eatenregular aswell so retaining fluid

I went dor a wee this morning quite ling one feel a little better.

I had also tried to stop drinking tea so maybe that was acting as a directic sorry bit scared looks like curculation very bad in legs

B12 i was taking had mo folic acid. Was helping the dizzyness and hair soft and id be happy at some weight gain but sudden like that in my legs is a bit strange

☹️️☹️️ xx


where are you in your menstral cycle - seems like you are posting regularly about problems with your legs.

what is your doctor saying about water retention?

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Im sorry to go on...hasnt said anything they get funny if talk about more than one problem and was asking about b12 last time.

Its only been last 4 days i was wondering if relating to b12 ive been tAking.

I havent taken folic acid i have my results from when id eaten normal for 3 days ( yeast, fat, gluten Nd soya) offending foods

Folate was 8.1

B12 337

The longer i eat normal the worse i get years back when i didnt know what was wrong i was paranoid suicidal , so i think its tied to my b12

Also when oreg tgey said i need injections.

I have mfthr but im scared to take folic acid as been told with c677t double gene its bad for me?!? Coukd it be due to not taking folic acid with tge sublingual b12 about 3000mcg a day?

I have got to have ferritin checked

Could the water retention be due to iron b12 or folate ?

I have not long finished my period about 5 days ago.

Im not sitting down much with toddler so active and not eating as refular as i would. Ormally to feel better. Ive been told i need salt refular due to pots and low bp but my dizzyness has got much better with b12

Do u think i should take folate methal or folic acid

I can feel some good effects but also some bad ones x


it is very unlikely that the swelling is anything to do with folate or B12 levels.

You really need to speak to your GP about this - or someone medically qualified - this is a support forum but it cannot replace professional health care.

I don't know who told you that folic acid would be bad for you - as I am not aware of anything that would lead to it being harmful to you.

Being homozygous for C677T means that your ability to process folic acid into the methylated forms at the cell levels is impaired. This doesn't make it dangerous but it could mean that using a methylated from of B9 would be more effective for you ... or that you will need to take more folic acid for enough to get processed.

This is a link to a study which compared the effect of folic acid v a methylated form on patients with MTHFR genetic variants - obviously no problems with giving folic acid - but more needed to do the same job

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Ok thankyou, im sorry i just get abit confused so iver wheming when u fatigued and trying to get sorted...

Thats great thanks very much 🙂


I do understand.

I suspect that the swelling of your legs has always been there but you are probably just noticing it more at the moment because your anxiety levels are very high

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No they definatley were swollen. Not as bad yesterday .

Must be electrolytes i think. Doesnt b12 enhance all metabulisum maybe due to what i was eating dont know



water retention is swelling.

You need B12 for a lot of your metabolism to work properly.

unlikely to be directly related to B12 - as previously stated. And I re-iterated that the best thing to do would be to talk to your doctor.

You could ask about ileocaecal valve which has similar symptoms to B12 and does cause swelling - but think that would be more general than just the legs.


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