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Its been agreed im having injectioms ih help from martyn hooper about low b12.

Ive told specialist about it and he is still talking about bacterial over growth and mfthr.

If ive always had something wrong i cant if had over growth all my life and why has other family member s got it.

Im going to have injections its juat making me feel worried why its not beeing aknoqledged my nan had pa and surley with all my symptoms the injections would by pass my gut anyway if it was due to mfthr and bacterial over growth. Ive not even had test for bacterial over growth . Antibioyics didnt help but antifungal years ago did i felt great whilat on them.

Ao if i have all this weakness spasm right side of. Ody surley quicker the better incase it ends up not reverseable .

Will it hurt to have injections if i have mfthr or bacterial over growth ? Surley it will maybe i can do the gaps diet etc but from what another b12 specialist said my food problems will go away when my b12 is at the right level.

Maybe i need to just use folate with the injections. Ot folic acid but i cant affird nutritionists etc and tests and why is mums having injections if its mftgr in our family ...

I dont under stand why its not. Eem done sooner it makes sense .

When i do a normal diet iam much worse and my blood results reflect that but b12 deficency or pa will cause candida wont it ...

Mum is very poorly too chest pain dizzy dioreah very liw and exhausted he has said she needs injections only difference is i do a ridiculous diet yeast free gluten no fat etc but when i dont my levels go down so maybe candida is linked to the pa

I would if thought injections will help even if i do have to do the diet ...

πŸ˜“ x

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Hi Mandlou. When you posted on Sunday you said that it had been agreed that you could start B12 injections, so I hope that's still the case.

You're right, the B12 injections will bypass your stomach and be absorbed directly into your blood stream: having bacterial overgrowth and the MFTHR gene will have no effect on this and the B12 will still be absorbed.

It won't hurt you to have B12 injections if you have bacterial overgrowth and the MFTHR gene. And as you a deficient, B12 injections should have a beneficial effect on your health since B12 is needed in every system in your body.

Antibiotics will make any bacterial overgrowth worse since the will further effect your gut flora.

Your mum is having injections because she had B12 deficiency. This has nothing to do with the MFTHR gene. Your mum has PAa so she will receive injections for life.

PA and B12 deficiency do not cause candida...but your bacterial overgrowth problems will make you more susceptible to it. Candida is not directly linked to PA...though people with PA do get lots of gastric symptoms....which can include bacterial overgrowth...which can cause a susceptibility to candida...

As you have low B12 then B12 injections will help you and, as discussed before - see pervious replies for further information - your GP should test you for PA and all the other blood tests suggested.

Your gene variations will not stop you being able to absorb B12. In some previous replies, fbirder has talked about the MFTHR gene and the way some people take methyl folate instead of folate, to fix this. Though not everybody needs to do this. Check out his previous replies for more information - sure that will reassure you πŸ˜€.

I really hope that your post does not mean that 'somebody' has decided that you should not have B12 injections.

It sounds like B12's just what you need so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you....πŸ˜€


I got. Call from gp she hadnt read the info and said my b12 is normal and will refer me to gastro or hematologist!! I said but if u read tthe indormation i cant keep on like it any more...

So got in touch with pa society martyn going to help.

Well they are saying the bacterial over growth affecting my b12 but i looking back i have alwaya had something put in down to i was just sepressed i was a loner and had corned beef blotchy skin freezing feet all the time etc

Them lots of antibiotics it went mad but cos of underlying problem i ithink pa... i have bactexrial overrowth

And tgey saying if i fix mfthr it will be all ok again ...

But im struggling so bad surley it will help me x ☹️️


Hi Mandlou...This all sounds completely out of control, with you being constantly passed from doctor to doctor, without anybody actually doing anything to help you!

Doctors often say that a B12 result is 'normal' when it's no such thing...might be worth getting a copy of your most recent results, just so that you know what the result actually is (the receptionist at the surgery will print them off for you).

I'm really pleased that you rang Martyn and that he is going to help you...he's just the man for the job πŸ˜€.

Please hang on in there...I'm sure Martyn will do his very best for you.

Let us know how it all goes and take care x



The gp called back said to book blood test for mma she spoke to hospital must if read info when got off phone :)

But im worried as i felt so bad the other day i took a b12 sublingual have i ruined it ? The test is on 16th november


And only reason they think bacterial over growth is because years ago when got badly ill didnt get anywhere so went to a homeopath she tooks lots out my diet saying i have candida, helped a bit but wouldn't go when i ate normal after a year... she said underlying problem... so i ate notmal as was so fed up and so hard to stick to it and tgats when i got worse dioreah, right side if body spasm shaking uncontrolably and weight loss, hallucinating confusion etc

So fast forward when ever i saw consultant i spoke about food i cant eat so maybe confused people

If i hadnt if seen homeopath maybe i woukd if spoke of symptoms more and not confused tgem but was much worse in my moods and anxiety....

Anyway yes martyn is so nice and comfort to talk to calmed me down to know help is there and support. And u guys xx


Hi Mandlou. Ah ha...so the GP is sort of listening...at long last.

And yes, it is easy to get people confused when there's so many things going on at the same time and you feel so ill. But medic's seem to be confused enough on their own so this is really not your fault πŸ˜€.

About the sublingual...well, yes it may skew the results, but there's no way of knowing until after the tests. Best thing to do is to make sure that you tell all the medic's and your GP, so that they will know that the blood tests may have been skewed slightly due to the supplementation with B12. Please don't worry about that now 'cause what's done is done...so just wait and see πŸ˜€.

And Martyn is helping you so he can deal with that for you, if necessary.

I'm keeping everything crossed for you and will watch out for your updates.

You take care now πŸ˜€ X

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Ok thankyou its very kind of you.

Wil keep u posted πŸ™‚Xx

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They agreed to do mma test but on monday i took a 1mg b12 tablet , test is on 16th november so i orobably ruined the test havent i ?!?

I dont think im going to get the diagnosis even witg all the infirmation.



Hi Mandlou. No...test not ruined...may possibly be skewed. Best to tell all you medic's and your GP that you have supplemented with B12 so that they can factor this in when they get the results (more information I. Reply above).

And you do have Martyn helping you now so he can deal with this if you need extra help...the most important thing is that you get the B12 injections. Even if you can't get a firm diagnosis, your symptoms alone should persuade your doctors to treat you...and you have Martyn to point this out on your behalf.

So please please stop worrying Mandlou...you haven't ruined any thing and you have Martyn to help,you get the treatment you need.

And everybody here to help and support you wherever possible.

Be cool and take care.

Here's a hug xxx


No martyn cant help any more than he has x been great but given the information and not budging unless tests show more 300 not low enough apparently ☹️️


Hi Mandlou. 300 is low enough to be treated. GP's should treat the symptoms, not the blood results. See NEQAS guidelines in the pinned posts. Hope this was one you gave to,your GP. Don't worry...there are arguments to be made for treatment, even if you blood levels are not quite deficient in the reference range.



Thanks i cant keep on like it may just get the spray im so depressed its not fair on my baby and not fair on me i have no energy...

Its a vonstant battle with the gp. Maybe i get the aoray and if i do feel better i say feel better i obviously need it ... over ten years this going on


I cant wait anymorei feel to ill .. im going to get a spray ... if it helps i onviously need it... i cant function and need to x going to change doctors



Hi Mandlou. Yes, I think changing doctors would be a very good idea, if you can do that.

And I'm really sorry that you feel so ill.

About the spray and / or B12 tablets...if you have an absorption problem (which it sounds like you may have) then your body will not absorb the B12.

And if it does, you will raise your B12 levels and your MMA test will most likely show as normal.

And if you raise your B12 levels through supplementation, then a new GP will not be able to diagnose you with B12 deficiency (with your currently level of 300 and the symptoms you have, any decent GP who knows about B12 deficieny would treat you). Or could be persuaded to, with evidence.

Sorry....not trying to pour rain on your parade...you're in a really tough situation...and your GP's not helping.

Think this is called being stuck between a rock and a hard place πŸ˜–

So, again, might be time to change surgeries (but after the MMA test on 16th?).

Good luck with whatever you decide to do x


Thankyou .

How long soes it take to come out your system?

Oh i thought spray may help .

I have seeking health active b12 with L 5 MFTHF lozengers

Tgey make me feel anxious

800mcg folate

1000 b12 methylcolbalamin and adenosylocobalin

Martyn said the soray woukd help 4 x a day

Just feeling so sick of it all wish i jad notmal things to be thinking about all consumes us to much and feeling so ruff just want to live normallyx


Hi Mandlou. Difficult to say how long B12 takes to get out of the system. Some bodies are more efficient at expelling it and it depends on how much has been taken, over time. So sorry, no easy answers to that one πŸ˜–.

Never heard of L5 MFTHR lozenges so no idea what they're supposed to do - if they make you anxious, are they something you really need to take? Don't know.

Have you had your folat levels tested? Might not need it (or that much of it) if you're not having B12 injections. Folate levels that are too high can make you very ill.

It's all a bit of a minefield, isn't it.

I can really understand what you mean about wanting a normal life back...It's so very tough when feeling ill all the time.

Please take care xx


just read your post and that you mentioned Candida well I have suspected that I have had Candida since I was fifteen due to a nasty itchy infection that never truly went away...I was diagnosed with PA at the age of twenty eight but ever since I was fifteen IV never felt quite right went to docs on and off over the years ....like you when I was on antifungals I felt so much better.... then it would come right back when I come off the antifungels. Doctor insisted that if it didn't go away it wasn't thrush....so I was tested for all sorts of STDs everything came back clear... but I always remember a lovely nurse once saying to me many years ago that thrush doesn't always show up under the microscope..also I have an ear infection I cannot for the life of me clear even after lots of antibiotics which in the end made me feel alot worse due to what I believe is an undetected fungal overgrowth. I also mentioned this possibility to another nurse and she said that you could only get an overgrowth if you had an immune disorder like leukaemia or diabetes.. I said I have PA and she said that wouldn't cause it..but I'm not convinced. anyways iv read that one of the main reasons people cannot get rid of there yeast problem is because they have a weakened immune system due to an underlying food intolerance ie: gluten or dairy as an example. the point I'm making is I do not believe PA causes a yeast overgrowth but if it is underlying and undected it could make person more susceptible to it due to a weakened immune system. Along with other things like undetected food intolerance s ... iv recently done a food intolerance test and alot of things have come up including dairy a..corn and it tested for non food items to and no surprise to me I have a big intolerance to candida albicans and a few other moulds.. I hope I haven't confused you by rambling on.


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