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B12 supplementation and skewed results


Could I ask for advice here about my dad's B12 blood result please?

His mum had P.A. And his B12 bloods were down to 250. His GP was happy to give B12 injections due to deteriorating mental health issues, and after 5 x B12 injections he improved dramatically. He still supplemented with lozenges to keep topped up coz GP will not give further jabs for 6 months after loading doses!

He has just had door blood tests done and B12 was on the list too. It has come back as 2000 which obv the GP is freaking out about and wants to see him now, but not for 3 weeks (next available appointment).

Obviously the bloods will be skewed since he is supplementing independently. when is the best time to re-test (even if we do it privately) to get an idea about what his true b12 levels are now?

Thanks for any help.

Jbthyro x

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Oh and by the way he has now stopped supplementing with lozenges until we know whether he needs them after further testing.


It would take at least three months for B12 levels to drop. But why get another test? If the lozenges are keeping symptoms at bay (and they certainly seem to do a good job of keeping blood levels high) then just keep using them.

The Stichting Tekort pinned post contains a document examining high B12 levels and how they aren't bad. Use that to calm your doctor's unfounded freak out. Yes, he will probably refuse further jabs, but if the lozenges work...


all very true, thank you fbirder!

I'll look up The Stichting Tekort as I've not heard of that before.

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