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Could i have pa and mfthr? Will injections help mfthr and why havent i had them if i have positive mfthr... confused x

So i have a positive mfthr double gene c677t.

My nan had oernicous anemia diagnosed years ago, could it be that my nan had mfthr really?

Or could i have pernicous anemia and mfthr?

Im exactly like my nan.

My mum also has alot of symptoms same as me and specialist told me other family members will have mfthr but my mums b12 is 150 so she is getting injections

Ive done candida diet and when ive gone if it my b12 is lower... but i have spasms, tinitus, dizzy mood swings stress intolerance, bloating, constipation or dioreah, fat malabsorbtion, extreme fatigue, confusion , hypo blood pressure drops on standing...pots of symptoms stopping my life and facial weakness that surely needs urgeunt treatment incase permenant

Could it be ive been atraining my adrenals for years to compensate for the underlying problem caffine, excersise etc and jow my adrenals are knackered so getting alot more symptoms if b12 ...

I just need to undeeatand why ibe not just been given injections if apecialists are aaying uta to do with b12

And ive had it since school as had mottled skin nad curculation, depression thin etc even back at school...

Will injections help my mfthr ?

Sorry im just a bit confused or could i have both!

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Will injections help my mfthr


The MTHFR mutations are overhyped and can be totally ignored my almost everybody.

There are no causal connections between having a MTHFR mutation and having PA. None.

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Hi Mandlou. I'm really sorry that you're still having health problems and the worry that goes along with it.

Did you manage to read through the PAS pinned posts and make an appointment with your GP to go through the information and ask him / her to investigate your for PA (and, of course, B12 deficiency) - as per your previous posts and the replies you received?

Injections of vitamin B12 will not 'help' with the MFTHR and C667T and your GP will not prescribe vitamin B12 because you have these variants.

The best thing to do is to proceed as previously advised and aim to get your GP to undertake the tests outlined with a view to diagnosing you with B12 deficiency / PA and commencing treatment with vitamin B12 injections.

The gene variations can be dealt with later (it's nothing to do with PA itself), once your GP has started treating you for what does indeed look like B12 deficiency (and possibly PA).

As other members of your family have been diagnosed with PA, it's highly likely that you have it to and getting this sorted is more important than worrying about the MTHFR and C667T gene variants, at this point.

I know it's really difficult not to worry when you feel so ill, especially when it's been going on for so long.

Please do see your GP as soon as possible: it might be worth making a double appointment so that you have plenty of time to go through the evidence you take and discuss your concerns with him / her.

Very good luck and please let us know how you get on.

Take care X


Thankyou x

Sorry to go overit again i know u have ezplained its just difficult one specialist going on about mfthr but seems crazy when i have neuro symptoms which could get worse and may be permanent as gone on so long now ...

I was just worried if is just mfthr if the i jections made me worse...

Yea i have an appointment sundy and have the nice guidleines from pa to take with me. I jad blood test for b12 tuesday and im going to ask for the ones you have auggested mma etc

Thankyou 😘 X

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Really no problem just post as often as you need to.

I'm just really keeping my fingers crossed that things will start to get better for you very soon.

Well done for sorting the information for your's quite difficult when you're feeling so unwell and probably a bit foggy (or a lot foggy, if you're Foggyme 😀).

GP's can sometimes be a bit difficult as many don't seem to know much about B12 deficiency and / or PA, so if you need any more help lots of people here to pop in and assist.

You take care now and we'd all love to hear how you get on x


Thankyou kind of you all x

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If you do have PA , then that would explain the bloating , constipation / diarrhoea etc. A gastroenterologist told me that P.A. patients have low or no stomach acid , which upsets the stomach flora - the good bacteria. Also antibiotics kill off the good bacteria as well as the bad . You have to try to re-instate the good bacteria with PROBIOTICS . You can buy theses in capsule form (Bio-kult is good) SYMPROVE . worked for me. . You can also buy organic raw sauerkraut which is a very good source of pro biotics OR , make your own, but it should be organic cabbage , white or red . ( recipe online)AND eaten RAW ! Eat a portion every day. This is a step that you could take now. Very best wishes Mandlou .

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Yeait makes sense. Im being told its a bacterial overgrowth but i think its candida . I wasnt tested and i cant have any fruit as per gaps diet i get thrush 👎

So it would make sense and mine got really bad after 3/4 courses if antibiotics x

I have got biokult ive just struggled to aboid sugar coz im so fatigued like now im exhausted my arms ache and its not even 5 yet i end up eating a little augar or caffine to push me through bit then makes me worse in the long run ..

Hopefully the b12 will help i wastginking if buying the spray and see if that helps but i suppose ive got to wait incase gp wants to do the tests mma etc ... so roll on sunday to see doctor and hopefully blood tests asap.

Thankyou x

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Yes no matter what sort of B12 you take , it will raise your B12 readings . Hold out if you can Then after the tests try all the B12 possibilities . Very best wishes to you Mandlou . We are behind you and will support you .


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