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Whats best while waiting for injections patches , spray etc?


My mum is going to get injections waiting fir specialist to tell gp.

I was thinking of ordeeing her some b12 but what would best fir by passing any malabsorbtion? And does mum need to take anything with it?

I have mfthr two genes so one maybe from mum but also nan had pa so , does that complicate what to get?

Mum has severe timgling wakes up with it down her face and had quite a few falls. She wakes up numb legs. Gets bouts if feeling very strange bad. Bad headaches fatigue very tiered . And doesnt tolerate any stress and really struggling to work.

Also on thyroxine just been raised slightly .

Would patches maybe help a little whilst she us waiting? She has git the result 160 so she will get injections just may be couple if weeks yet.

She gets very anxious, irritable and very low times.

Would my mum maybe need some adrenal suppport? Hoping b12 gets her better. She struggles to loose any weight aswell.

Be good if we can get her some relief now

Thankyou x

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Of course injections work best in cases of malabsorption.In the meantime try sub- lingual lozenges (Amazon) or nasal spray ( both using methylcobalamin ) Best wishes .

PS I tried patches , and found them ineffectual . We are all different so maybe they would work for your Mum .Also make sure she has plenty of folate ( green leafy veg . Is best source ) or folic acid . Perhaps a vitamin B complex . This is needed along with B12 to do its work .

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Once she gets her jabs started I would get her to take folic acid tablets. Maybe methylfolate as that would bypass any possible MTHFR problem - although the chances are it would be no better.

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Thankyou thats great 😊C

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i have managed after much battling to get my injections 8 weekly now and at about week 6 i take B12 Boost by Better You sold in Holland and Barratt. The daily recommendation is 4 sprays but initially I take about 20 a day reducing as the B12 kicks in. It is the only thing that has helped get me to the next injection.

i was diagnosed with PA 3 years ago with symptoms of extreme tiredness, numbness in my face and right side, tinnitus, confusion, unable to balance, awful dizziness, diarrhoea and then constipation, unable to go to work, couldn't deal with light or noise, palpitaions, cramp etc etc!

Since the loading doses and 8 week jabs I am coping well.


Wow thats alot of sprays ... u shoukdnt have to do that but good if it helps..


I have right sided muscle spasm apparently on mri affects my face, neck arm leg ... goes sort of flaccid in my bum and cant lift my arm .... all tge time ive been searching for an answer this is tge only condition that ive read a few people having weakness or spasm on one side



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