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B12 deficiency and now vitamin D deficient (so tired😞) but not alone

while waiting to see what specialist says about closer injections (b12) had other symptoms which I thought was my arthritis(born with) flaring up but have now found out that I have a vitamin D deficiency symptoms are pain in bones, tiredness and generally not feeling well, and can cause softening of bones but still smiling 😊 because when I read the post on this site I know I'm not alone and probably not feeling as bad as so many God bless 😊

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Hi Hidden I too was diagnosed with low Vitamin D back in March and given three months worth of D 800 units a day, was retested and found to be "OK". Had another test last week and it's low again and been put back on the pills again.

I'm 75 years of age and seldom get out of the house let alone sit in the (now not P.C.) sunshine so I guess I'm going to be on them permanently, and you are right, some of the symptoms do match those of P.A. which I've had for 45 years.

I hope you get your frequency of B12 increased and that the specialist doesn't try to "blame" it all on the low D.

I wish you well.


hi clivealive thanks for the reply nice to know I'm not alone in this upward climb and have started loading doses for 7weeks and then maintenance doses for live so hopefully getting there

best wishes 😊


clivealive - am assuming the dose prescribed was from your GP. 800 is a very low dose - and taking around 2000 IU' s would have more effect - even more during winter.

VitD is fat soluble so best taken with a fat containing meal. Also VitD improves the uptake of calcium from foods - so taking VitK2 MK7 as well will ensure calcium is directed to your bones and away from the arteries. Simplistically put 😊

The above has a chart that helps with dosing according to your results.

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Hopefully I'll get the results tomorrow Marz , thanks for the advice and links.

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clivealive How did the results go ? :-)


Thanks for asking Marz

I went back to the doctor on Monday for the results of three tests.

The Vitamin D level I already knew by the telephone call from the receptionist and the doctor has decided that I should now be permanently on a supplement of 20mcg per day to prevent the see-saw.

The kidney function test came back fine and she told me I had "young kidneys" - whatever that meant.

The Prostate cancer check came back negative so that was good and after a "digital" check she announced that my Prostate was "OK for a gentleman of my age".

As this was the same doctor who in July "allowed" me more frequent B12 injections I think I'm going to stay with her.

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Glad all is well :-)

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