Update of visit to the GP

Just to update you all who have kindly guided me. I have success from my GP. I did as he asked and had my blood test and of course it was over 1500 (apparently it doesn't read over this). So I received a call from first a care assistant to tell me my levels and that I would no longer receive treatment and as I wasn't happy I asked for a copy of the guidelines they follow and the answer was no. She said she would get a nurse to call me back. So a day later that call took place and she told me that my b12 was at toxic levels so I asked where she was getting her current evidence ..... No adequate answer and she was very rude that I challenged her and pointed out that I am a nurse also and have to use current evidence based practice and current up to date guidelines and I wanted to know and I believe it is my right to know where the evidence she was working with comes from. She fumbled and said she would get my GP to call. He called and agreed to see me face to face. I went armed with all the evidence you had all pointed me to and he listened and tried to justify he decisions about my treatment. He also fumbled a lot but he agreed to read said evidence and also agreed to treat me until I was seen urgently by a haematologist as he evidently does not have the knowledge to treat me successfully. I'd call that a result for me and if he reads all the material I gave him...... Possibly one less ignorant GP and others may not have to suffer. THANK YOU PAS 😀

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  • Yeah!

    Well done for persisting in the face of such determined resistance.

  • glad that you managed to get through and that you were able to stand your ground. Hope that the referral also goes way and really do hope that all those involved manage to learn from their mistakes and treat future patients correctly

  • well done but how sad that we have to fight for effective treatment. I am going through this at the moment.

  • Keep strong & determined. Remember, you are within your rights.

  • Hi @exhausted99 It is very sad indeed and I wish you well in your fight. It's the last thing you want to do when you are struggling to manage life in general but for the time being I'm being treated. Scary thing is that the specialist may also have no knowledge...... I hope I have some fight left in me if this is so. fbirder list of current evidence was invaluable when deciding the appropriate data to share with the GP ..... it can be found in pinned post on their page. Good luck x

  • Oh such good news Abijah and very well done.

    fbirder calls it determined resistance...and I call it demented resistance 😀.

    I would dearly have liked to be a fly on the wall to see all that 'fumbling'...and the retort about 'evidence based practice...sheer genius.

    I shall retire for the night with those happy thoughts in my mind...thank you 😀.

    Good luck with the haematologist...no doubt that you will do it all again if you have to.

    Take care x

  • Good for you fingers crossed :)

  • Congratulations well done!!!!

  • well done for keeping going - I think it must have given power to your elbow that you are a nurse - when my gp goes on and on about 'license' and 'medical defence' I am totally unable to bite back. All I want is a simple vitamin shot for goodness sake - not heroin.

  • Hi @jillc39 yes being a nurse helps a bit. However what you should know is that evidence based practice can not be argued so if you take evidence with you then this can be discussed with the bounds of licence and medical defence. What every lay person should also know is that BNF guidelines are just that guidelines and if deemed justifiable then they can prescribe over BNF limits. As my GP felt lacking in knowledge after my pitch and not confident to justify this he chose to give that responsibility to someone else. I wish you well and hope you get some joy on your next visit 😀

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