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Why am I getting a blood test to see if I'm absorbing B12? Been on B12 injections since just after Christmas if I remember correctly!

Does anyone know why I would get a another blood test to see if I'm absorbing B12? If I remember correctly I've been on B12 injections since just after Christmas and also Vitamin D as it was found I was vitamin D deficient also! I got the blood test done today and received my B12 injection after it, although the nurse was quite cheeky as I was 10 days early for my B12 and said she'd have to check with my doctor first, I was so angry at her arrogance 😈 she seen my Gp who said YES :) then she said your next injection is due on the 26th of December but we're closed so I said that's good I can get my injection early then :) she said no earlier than the 21St, I'm still angry 😡 being made to feel bad by a nurse! I only want to be well not the Wreck I am 👎

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I can think of two reasons why they may want to retest. One OK, the other bad.

They may think they need to check that the injections you're having are actually getting into the body (although I've no idea where they might otherwise go).

Or they may be retesting to see if your levels are high with a view to stopping the injections. This makes as much senser as giving somebody a pacemaker, testing their heart rate, finding it OK then switching the pacemaker off!

As for the nurse telling you how you can be treated - ignore her. Turn up for your jab on the 20th and demand treatment.


it is possible for tests to come back low at 3 months - depends on how efficent you are at removing B12 from blood and flushing it down the pan. If the result comes back low then you definitely need injections more frequently - but otherwise the results don't actually mean a lot.

As fbirder says - it would be a nonsense and contrary to current UK guidelines for your injections to be stopped because the levels in your blood were high. Unfortunately though that doesn't mean that it won't be tried. They will also have been looking at your folate and probably your vitD levels as well.


Hi Jacqui0x. I agree with Gambit62 and fbirder. If your serum B12 comes back above the reference range (and it should do as you are injecting B12) then do not let your GP use this as an excuse to stop your B12!

I say this because surgeries in our region have, apparently, all received letters telling them to stop 'inappropriate' prescriptions for B12 injections!!! (Hearsay information, haven't actually seen the letter). I'm at a complete loss to know what exactly constitutes the 'inappropriate' use of B12 but would dearly love to see how they define that!!

Of course, if it's too low, they should give you more 😀!

And as for the nurse's comments - words fail me! That was so inappropriate, unhelpful and totally out of order. Sounds like she was using what she feels is her position of power to bully you!! (I used to be a nurse and the idea of any nurse talking to a patient like that horrifies me). Please take heart from the fact that she obviously has NO idea what she's talking about. Not that that's much good to you 😖.

Please come back for more advice if you fall foul of the B12 police!

Good luck.


Re Vit D. GPs have been told to keep an eye on Vit D by Public Health England. Almost everyone I know over 60 (including myself) has been told to take Vit D tablets. As they are cheapish over the counter, it isn't a cost to the NHS.

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