Solgar 5,000 back on Amazon UK at £12.58

I know there was quite a bit of concern about the recent price jump of Solgar methylcobalamin 5,000s to about £18. I'm posting this to let anyone affected know that they're currently back on Amazon UK at £12.58, with free postage if you spend £20.

The website is fantastic for getting email alerts whenever an Amazon-sold product you've registered you're interested in drops to or below the price you've said you're willing to pay. That's how I found out the Solgar was back in stock at a more reasonable price. (As far as I'm aware, giving them my email address hasn't resulted in spam.)

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  • I bought one recently from Amazon for that price but unfortunately for whatever reason it never arrived! Even though it was marked as being delivered 'handed to resident'. It most certainly was not! I complained and got a refund immediately, but of course still need the B12!

  • Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that! I hope you've managed to replace it.

  • Just re-ordered now, fingers crossed! At least Amazon is very prompt in dealing with these problems. :)

  • They are generally very good at customer service, aren't they? Fingers crossed this one reaches you swiftly and safely!

  • Yes they are and thank you! :)

  • Thanks for that info Impala,

    J 👍

  • You're very welcome. :) I thought it might save people the time and energy of visiting Amazon on a regular basis to check the current price!

  • Yes it certainly will,


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