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Solgar B12 Sublingual 5000mg price nearly doubled


I just went to order more Solgar B12 sublingual 5000mg and got a shock. The price has almost doubled from £12.70 to £24.95 since December 2016 and it is being sent from USA with May delivery date. Is there a problem with getting this now in the UK?

Can anyone suggest or PM me a UK supplier at not such an eye watering price please. Internet searches aren't very promising. thanks

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It's £11-99 in Holland in Holland and Barrett!

carer999 in reply to Chocolate41

thanks but they are only 1000mcg and not 5000mcg

shaws in reply to Chocolate41

I don't think H&B sell sublingual B12. I have asked and they didn't in the shop I went to whih might be fine if you dont have a stomach issue which prevents the uptake of B12.



Try this Solagar sublingual (60 x 5000mcg) - £13.30

But...this does not specify which cobalamin it contains (just states 5000mcg cobalamin - then states also contains 100mcg adenosylcobalamin - (Dibencozide)).

Here's another that specifically states methylcobalamin: £15 something can't remember what 😖😄😄

Will see if I can spot any more and add...

Good luck

carer999 in reply to Foggyme

Foggyme Thanks. The seconnd link appears to be the one but it is in USA. I have never purchased from the USA and assume there may be import duties and high postage costs to add.

Will need to have a read tomorrow, too tired now to concentrate.

FoggymeAdministrator in reply to carer999

Hmm...good point. Looked for reviews online - many complain about extra charges - import mainly - not clear in small print.

Found this about how to order to avoid Import charges:

so hmm...interested to hear how it goes.

Late now but will see if I can track down anything else tomorrow.

If no more replies left luck 😖😖

FoggymeAdministrator in reply to carer999

Hi Carer999. Please see shaws reply below...these are not sublinguals (although described as such😖).

Back to drawing board 😟

clivealiveForum Support

The fall in the rate of exchange between the pound and the dollar will have an affect. Pre Brexit it was around 1.50 dollars to the £, now it's down to about 1.25.

I bought some a few weeks ago and very disappointed it is not sublingual although it states it is.

I have complained and they asked me for some details. I bought from Amazon. This is an excerpt:

On the bottle it says '60 nuggets'. The Lot No. is - 979856-06 - Expires 01/2019. Dietary Supplements.

I have used Solgar for a long time and other brands too. Never have I had a problem as I always use sublingual. I do know how to take sublingual. I have read some of the response on Amazon and a couple say they are hard.

These are some comments from buyers of Amazon for Solgar:-

"These are hard "nuggets" but don't really dissolve under the tongue as I had expected"

"It takes around 10 minutes to dissolve".

" By dungy on 06 February 2016

Hi Jasmine, if you just leave it under your tongue it takes quite a few minutes ,Ive not timed it but maybe more than five, if you cant leave it alone , it dissolves pretty quickly. I have read that sometimes you need the longer time for it to be absorbed well, |Ive read up to 15 minutes."

"By B. A. Brown on 06 February 2016

under the tongue is best, 15-20mins"

and another

I've only been on this a couple of weeks and at the same time started a number of health improvements, so can't comment on their benefits but I am generally feeling much better.

However, these are sold as sublingual tablets. Says so on the label.

But Suggested Use on the back states " place nugget under tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing." After 30 seconds all that's happened is the nugget is a bit slippery. The amount absorbed must still be low. Sublingual is purely about maximising absorption rather than the very poor absorption from the gut.

I'm confused."

Solgar's response to me:

Hello Pat

"That is a US product, they use Lot numbers instead of batch numbers and describe products as dietary supplements instead of food supplements.

The product will still be up to Solgar’s standards regarding purity and potency, but I’m not sure why they are a bit harder than usual – although there can be natural variations in the products.

As discussed, there is no restriction on the length of time it can be held under the tongue, but if it is taking a very long time, it may be best to crunch it a bit after a little while and hold the remains under the tongue for optimal absorption.

If you buy from Amazon again, you could check whether the seller is based in the US or UK, which should dictate which product you receive – looking at the bottle image is apparently not sufficient as Amazon themselves sometimes put the wrong one on the sellers details."

If people don't have P.A. it might suit them to swallow but as I never needed to check details before this is the present bottle's instructions.

'Take one nugget daily, preferably with a meal or as directed by healthcare practitioner. Place under tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing'.

Sublingual they aren't.

FoggymeAdministrator in reply to shaws

Hi Shaws. Been back and looked at the product details again and I agree. These are not sublinguals (although the product details describe them as such in one place). Misleading...very poor...mis-sold, I'd say.

I wouldn't buy these if looking for sublinguals.

Thanks for spotting and flagging 👍

I bought 2 bottles of this for £24.95 from amazon 2 weeks ago.

FoggymeAdministrator in reply to fbirder

Hi Fbirder. Notice that these are tablets rather than sublinguals.

But...seem to recall reading that it's not clear how much absorption takes place via swallowed - and hence passive absorption - from sublinguals (verses what may be absorbed sublingually - if you see what I mean 😄). Just can't seem to drag anything more out of memory banks...

Just thinking that carer999 might like to consider trying tablets (rather than paying extortionate price for sublinguals).

Any thoughts on this fbirder?


This is just like my post from 7 months ago.

Since then I have been using the American company Americanvitaminspot on Amazon. delivery timescales are always worst case scenarios and alway arrive within 7-10 days. I ordered from them 2 April and they arrived middle of last week. It's a 2 pack (120) and cost £22.95 free postage. Never had a customs problem.

carer999 in reply to Singoutloud

If you mean these the price is now £29.95. A £7 increase since you purchased yours just over2 weeks ago

I got these for £14.40 at end of March! Wish I'd bought more😭

Secondchance It's amazing how the price has risen. I wonder what is causing this. A global shortage of B12 ??

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