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Prescription help!


So every other prescription of hydroxocobalamin I've had they've given me a box of 5 ampules (£8.20 and this lasts just over a year so the price isn't anything to complain about).

This time though they only gave me one individual ampule but it's the same prescription, for the same price (as a student though this isn't a price I can pay every three months!)

has anyone else had their prescription change?

I'm starting to worry about being able to afford it haha


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That is disgusting on so many levels as the ampoule actually costs less than £1. Infact £8.20 is probably a bit more than the actual cost of the box - though that would be through buying in bulk to avoid delivery charges.

Do you have friends that go to France/Germany - if you do then ask them if they can buy you a box whilst they are out there from a chemists out there as it doesn't need a prescription ... or if you are going out there yourself ...

As far as I am aware if you go to the surgery and get the injection done there you don't actually pay anything at all.

It may be worth checking with your doctor that there hasn't been an error in making up the prescription - don't know what the prospect of asking for shots to be done at the surgery does for you.


I was always told that students don't pay for NHS prescriptions but, after looking into it we do! I was fine with £8.20 every year and a bit but I can't afford it every 12 weeks, no way!

I nearly fell over when she said I was only getting one ampule, I'm going to ask the nurse about it when I go to actually have the injection!

Ooh thanks for the France/Germany info, I'm going to look into it!


Hi beth,

I think it would be worth contacting the PAS on this issue. I think the chairman would be very interested. If you leave a message they will get back to you.

pernicious-anaemia-society.... 01656 769467

You can hopefully claim some money back. The amount will be dependent on the amount of money you have in your bank accounts.

I think it's form HC1 for seeing if you are eligible for money back then there is another form after that.

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Thank you! I'm definitely going to give them a call in the morning!


That's just evil!

You could always buy from - £18.17 for 10 ampoules.


I go for my 12 week jab at the surgery, they have them there and it costs me nothing. I've just bought some from £22 inc deliver for 20 amps.

I've also read on another forum that some patients pick up their B12 from the pharmacy without paying prescription charges then take it to their GP to get injected with it. I'd definitely question paying for it. As with everything else GP/B12 related it changes from surgery to surgery!!

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i cant understand the form to fill out for delivery on bloody hell im so frustrated with it. if only i could read german grrrr


Have you contacted your mp? MPs can be helpful in getting replies from the NHS.

Useful links


I seem the pay a different price each time I get my B 12. If I ask the pharmacy in the USA for extra, like to prepare for a trip, the insurance doesn't pay their portion except once a month for 4x 1 ml vials.

This stuff is not expensive so why do they play these games?

The NHS just charges the normal "copayment" each time no matter how many you get.


So called the pernicious anemia society and they confirmed that if the gp is giving me my injection I don't have to pay. He said it's totally bizarre that I've been made to pay.

Very helpful and hopefully I can claim my money back!

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