Is Hydroxocobalamin im suitable for sub cut?

So I finally got to see my gp following the haematologist appointment last Monday and now have my prescription of Ampoules. They state on the box that they are for Im injection but I would prefer to do sub cut as with everything else going on I am not quite confident that I can relax enough to inject my own muscle. I see the b12 available to buy in other countries is marked for either so am wondering if Its just a licensing issue. Does anyone know if there is a difference, ingredients list is Hydroxocobalamin acetate, sodium chloride, acetic acid and/or sodium hydroxide and water for injections.

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  • You are correct - the stuff from the NHS does say on the box, and the leaflet inside the box, for intramuscular administration. I'm pretty sure that the reason is because hydroxocobalamin is only licensed in the UK for IM. And I'll bet that the pharmacist /distributor/ manufacturer will tell you that it's only for use IM.

    And I'll tell you the same.

    However, I would also say - You're correct in your conclusion that the ingredients (B12, water, salt and vinegar) are identical to those bought from foreign parts. And those foreign packets state that it's suitable for IM, SC and IV infusion.

    So, if it were me, I would quite happily do it SC. But, not being medically qualified, I couldn't possibly recommend it.

  • Short answer: yes. See fbirder's answer.

  • Many thanks for the replies 😀

  • There's more blood circulating to muscle than there is to fat (it's more metabolically active). Fat just sits there - it gets cold more easily because there's less blood supply. If you're doing sc already im isn't that big a leap and might be worth taking?

  • I haven't been self injecting yet, have just managed to get a trial of injections and agreed to inject myself. I do understand that it will be released more slowly from fat but I have chronic pain 24/7 and am not confident I can relax enough to do Im.

  • There are also a few that are 1ml instead of 2. I'd recommend those for SC, as it will be easier. Pascoe is one brand that has hydroxo in 1ml.

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