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Sub-cut or intramuscular?

I've just completed my loading dose of 6 injections over two weeks.

I saw two different nurses over the two weeks and interestingly, one gave my injections IM and the other gave them sub-cut.

I know the BNF states IM but wondered if anyone had any thoughts on this.

The sub-cut ones tended to leak more and I'm wondering if I've actually had what I should have had.

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Although I've never tried anything ells but IM, apparently sub cut is more slow release, people on the whole inject less B12 but more frequently B12 than with IM injections.

Some more info in this topic, see:


To have a (UK) nurse injecting sub cut seems odd, as hydroxocobalamin is only licensed in UK for IM.

Kind regards,



Not heard of sub-cut being done in a surgery before - sounds unusual.

Know CDC site in UK says that sub-cutaneous 'anecdotally' stings less.

I inject sub-cutaneously - in thigh - and occasionally find that a little seeps out - generally because I've had the skin taut and not released it before extracting the needle - but compared to the amount in an ampoule the leakage is very small.


To be honest both, I couldn't work out if it was subcutaneous or not. Couldn't see it but she certainly didn't use the technique of giving an IM.

anyway, I'm not too concerned at the moment. I am feeling much better in myself now.

Still waiting for blood results re: PA

So will see how everything goes.

Thanks for your support x


Glad you are feeling much better!

I see all links to the old PAS forum are not working from here, so sorry my link is no use to you! Marre.


If you have a link that works, try converting it to a tiny url:


(Or any of the other similar services.) And post that link!

This will avoid the substituting that HU are now doing which is messing up links like yours.



Ill try, see if this works:



Nope I give up,Marre.


Nope I get page can not be displayed.


Does your link work if you use it directly?


Yes I can read the links on the old PAS forum.


All the links I had put in all my previous posts on this forum now do not link to the right topic section on PAS old forum, I'm fed up with my time and efforts being wasted, fed up with this forum now.


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