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Update on unhelpful GP

Hi, I wrote on here at the start of the week. Just wanted to say a big thanks for all the NICE guidelines and pernicious anaemia society info you gave me. I had my bloods some this week they were 236. They were 225 three months ago when I had my prescription stopped. I went to my GP today after an argument with the receptionist and the triage nurse to get an appointment. The GP was very nice although wouldn't give me any more B12 tablets or injections even after I presented him with with NICE guidelines. He wants me to write a diary of what happens when I have a brain fog incident and get someone else to write down what they can see is happening to me. I broke down in tears as I don't know when this will next be and I know that I look normal when it happens as I have asked a work colleague before too. Anyway determined to prove them wrong I was going to do it then I thought why bother and I've ordered myself some 5000mcg jarrow lozenges from Amazon. I'm pretty sure I just need a supplement to boost myself over this 200ish Mark. Trying to prove them wrong will only make me ill. I'm hoping the jarrow ones will work and I can put all of this behind me as I've been such a mess this week....and the last two years! Is there anyone on here who only uses the jarrow lozenge and finds it effective? I don't really want to self inject so would rather avoid that route if possible.

Thanks to everyone's wonderful help and advice in the meantime.


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I don't use jarrow but I do use a range of nasal sprays - so just wanted to mention that there are quite a few things that you can try before resorting to self-injection. There are also skin patches that work for many.

You may also want to experiment with different types of B12 as people respond differently to different types - think the Jarrow you have is probably methyl B12 - some find methyl doesn't work for them. I tend to use a mix of B12s as I find different ones work for me with different groups of symptoms.

Some people do report sore tongue with sublinguals.

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Thanks for the advice. I will watch out for the side effects with the jarrow and see how I get on with it. The tablets I had from the doctor were cyanocobalamin. I have heard of the patches but I didn't know there was a nasal spray. If the lozenges aren't successful I will have a play around with the options until I get the right balance. Thanks again I really appreciate it. Far more helpful than the GP!

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Don't completely rule out injecting . I did go down that route and it has altered my life honestly. . If you are afraid of needles you are can inject subcutaneously with a very short needle . Needles today are wonderfully sharp . You needn't feel a thing , honestly . Best of luck to you .


I do so sympathise with your dilemma NicciTom1 - the stress involved with battling the system is underestimated when you're already feeling ill.

I find Jarrows 5000 works well for me but I do worry that, as your B12 was so low, it is probably important that you get enough B12 as soon as possible. The best way, as Wedgewood has suggested, is to self inject as well as supplement, especially if you've had neurological symptoms for a while,

I hope things work out well for you.

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