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Good Morning everyone, it's very hazy today. I'm off to see the docs today and hopefully get some help with this blood clotting problems. My stomach has been bad since Monday when I had my B12 injection, and I feel lifeless. It like all my energy has been zapped from me.

What tests could I ask the doctor about? Martyn did say but I've forgotten the name.

My Bronchietasis (mucus build up) has got worse, yesterday I just couldn't shift it so I was drinking loads and gargling. So I'm going to ask for Mucodyne??? I'm also going to ask for a MRI scan on my neck and upper back as my neck has started locking on me.

I'm a total mess, I could do with a full MOT test, all these health problems got worse when I had a bout of Pneumonia in 2011 and got given 5 different antibiotics followed by steroids and left to deal with it myself.

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  • Good morning BB. I'm sorry I can't advise you but I just want to say I hope you feel better soon and get the help you need/deserve from your Doctor. I had a bad neck a few weeks ago and it was horrible so I know how you feel. Putting a hot water bottle on it helped so try that if you haven't already. Let's us know how it goes.

  • Good Morning Blackstar, Ive suffered with a bad neck for 20+ years as well as double scoliosis (top and bottom of spine) and nobody would do anything so I had to cope myself. The sun is heat treatment which I love. My neck now is "jumping" I was told the bone at the top of my neck was missing but nobody did anything about it, that was 20+ years ago.

    I will let you know how I get on at the docs, thank for replying.

    I'm even going to the library to print information off to give to the doc. X

  • Just to mention one thing--- I would certainly take a probiotic if you have been taking 5 different antibiotics .They could all but have destroyed your good stomach flora,which can lead to all sorts of problems. Also a prebiotic like Inulin could help encourage the re-establishment of your good bacteria. Good stomach bacteria is a great health advantage. All fermented veg e.g. Sauerkraut is also beneficial Sorry that I can't offer any help on your other problems. Very best wishes to you.

  • How did you get on?

  • Hi Gambit62, I eventually got to the docs after one bus breaking down and having to wait for replacement. They want me to have a couple of blood tests, Intrinsic Factor Antibodies, Full Blood Count and Coagulation Screen.

    They are also sending me to hospital for a blood test that's only done at the hospital? ??? Still a bit confused about what that blood test could be.

    She also said depending what the results come back as, my injection could be changed to 2 monthly instead of 3 monthly. She wanted to know whether I have had my blood checked at hospital before which I haven't. She was a bit annoy that no one has ever bothered to sent me to hospital for investigation before.

    So on the whole, I'm getting things done at last. Sorry for waffling 😊😊

  • not waffling. pretty short compared to my average reply

    glad that things are moving

    not sure what test would be either

  • Thanks Gambit62 for your lovely replies. Fbirder has just told me what that test is, so at least now I know. X

  • Hi Bentleyboo Great you are getting somewhere. I am waiting for bloods too so let's hope we both get sorted. Let's us know how you get on and what this hospital test is. Have a nice day!

  • Hi Blackstar, thanks for your reply. I'm just so glad that they are doing something for me now after years of hitting my head against a brick wall and getting nowhere. Good luck on your blood tests. X😊

  • They are also sending me to hospital for a blood test that's only done at the hospital? ??? Still a bit confused about what that blood test could be.

    That's almost certainly methylmalonic acid (MMA) and/or total homocysteine. Both tests require more specialised equipment and the homocysteine needs to be done within 2 hours of sampling.

    Both are testing for substances that get used up by B12 in its normal day-to-day functions. If B12 isn't working properly then one, or both, will have raised levels.

  • Thanks fbirder for letting me know what that test is, I was completely in the dark as I'm hard of hearing and have problems hearing what the doc says. Sometimes when we ask what they've just said they look at you funny, so I don't bother now. I wish someone like you could come to docs with me and be my ears for me, lol. X

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